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Recent posts by Dafegate Dulasin

Dear friends,
I am now trying to work out the class diagram, I have some questions about the among of entity beans for representing the domain model.

Your message was edited since you quoted content from the actual assignment. Please read our policy on SCEA questions and refrain from discussing actual assignment issues.
Thank You!

[ August 13, 2003: Message edited by: Ajith Kallambella ]
Thx a lot... I think I have some ideas!
Dear Kent,
Does it mean that I should just model Entity Bean as a single attraction instead of having local interface, remote interface, home and local home?
But how about packaging, as I am using Rational Rose, all my classes are seperated by the package,
so if I model with Rose, I will have package within package and finally reaching the leaf package with a single attraction of entity bean inside?
How about the Value Object that I use in the model? As the entity bean has dependency on such value object as parameter or return value. Should I model them too?
Hello, I have encountered a problem about modeling class diagram.
As my classes are seperated by packages, if I keep it with the package and class hierarchy, I find I cannot show the relationship among those classes. And I will have many many diagrams depend on the package amount. I should model one big big diagram to include all the classes in it or I should leave it just as I did?
Or is there any better get-around to this?
Thx alot
Sorry something more, the reason I find it hard to model the dependency is that say:
a User will have zero or many Order.
If I model it just like normal classes, I will have a class diagram showing User Class HAVE Order Class. But now I am modeling the EJB components, and the whole component is represented by the "PACKAGE" ICON, so I cannot model such a relation. How can I do it?
A little bit background, as before I use Together in office, and they model EJB Component as a single attraction in the diagram. So it is really confuse to me.
Thx again
Hello I am a new comer to this forum, nice to meet you all.
I have a problem in working out the diagram:
I am now using rational rose to model part 2.
When I am working on the class diagram, all the classes are seperated by the packages.
say: com.fbn.travel.entity.XXXEJB.XXXBean
then I will have package com, inside it I will have fbn and so on. I find it very hard to show the dependency of different EJB Components and classes across the package. Is there any method to model this?
Also within the EJB package I will show all the remote and home interfaces.
Is it correct?
Would anyone please tell me whether I am in the right track in modeling the class and component diagram.
Thx alot