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Not to be cruel or rude or anything, but would you go to a country with a billion people where most of the infectious diseases are still thriving alive and well if you need a doctor?

I think health care will remain around here for while yet. Of course knowing the American corporations and politicians I can see the day when they kick out American doctors from most places where unemployed population of this country like me can afford, and install a bunch of Indian doctors instead.

Frankly, I'm sick of hearing what brilliant talented, indispensable, and irreplaceable technology gurus the Indians are from all the sold out politicians in this country. But of course like everything else I cannot do anything about but to get my vomit bag out privately and barf at the hypocrisy and greed of our species and especially the politician kind of our species. Let's face it what do the politicians do to make all the money they make except to sell themselves and everything else they can to the highest bidder? I am almost homeless after two years of earning minimum wage. Here's the part that hurts most, because of an emergency situation I had to stay in hotel for a weekend, piling up on the credit card debts of course. And who do I see occupying the entire hotel? I give you one guess. Some with the entire family. Why would it be that all these people are here on business when there are so many unemployed in this country?

I'm waiting for the day when the tide turns for them too. Bash me if you like but I'll be celebrating when that day comes.
19 years ago
... Ahh this one's good too.
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19 years ago
Thank you everyone again,
I'm so glad you took the time to look at the site and give me your opinion. I am very aware that the site is not user friendly but it's been hard to get friends and family interested to spend some time to use it and give me any comments.
Now that I have started I think I'll try harder to make something out of it. I do think that I should probably modify my objectives and make them simpler.
I am just so happy to get your responses that I wanted to thank everyone again.
19 years ago
Thanks everyone,
I kept checking for comments for a few days and when I didn't see any I stopped checking.
I'm glad to hear everyone's input. As for the Flash animation I thought that would give a visual tour of the site while give me a chance to show off my ability to program Flash. But now that I have everyone�s input I'm going to change my approach.
As far as user friendliness goes, I agree with everyone, I couldn't get it right. I guess I should make that an objective to work on.
Thank again very much.
19 years ago
I think globalization will ultimately fail because of the differences in the culture, language and the day to day life experiences.
I�ve been calling Dell support quite frequently since I bought my new Dell computer in April, approximately twenty times, and all of my calls have been relayed to India. I have not spoken to a single American tech. support in all this time.
Recently I visited Dell�s �customer care� forum and was surprised how many people resented having to deal with non-American tech. support. And I thought I was the only one who was sensitive about the issue.
19 years ago
Hi sunitha,

functional errors

Did you mean the problem with registration? I fixed it. I had to change the path to my home directory in my property file.
The web host provider had changed my home directory path without letting me know. My registration program needs an XML file and it couldn't find it. But now I fixed the directory name and registration should be possible.

Thanks for your input
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19 years ago
Hi all,
I don�t know if this topic belongs to this forum but I�m too shy to post it in more popular areas of this forum.
I am looking for your constructive criticism about a web site that I put together. I�m not expecting anyone to go through the whole thing because it�s not user friendly, in spite of my best effort. I�m just hoping for opinions on the home page and the registration screen.
If you find this to be something that you don�t mind helping out by giving a few pointers then please go to and there is some sample code at
My objective was to provide an online facility for teachers, for free, to create tutorials from their own content. It proved to be too difficult to do it by myself. Now I know that there are several professional web sites that provide services like that and my site � well, let�s just say it�s just one person�s best effort.
Having said all this, I still appreciate a few pointers.
If this thread doesn�t belong here or you don�t have time to spend then let it quietly die.
19 years ago

I wonder if women old farts have a harder time of it?

Yes They Do!
Most (not all) guys look at them like the mother they hated once.
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19 years ago
I�m on a mailing list that distributes the latest news and figures on outsourcing. Some of the news I get is pretty hard to take the following is one of them which is funny and sad at the same time,

Employees of EDS, a company based in Plano, TX, first found out about
their company's outsourcing plan from an Indian newspaper. The next
day, EDS announced the elimination of 2,700 jobs.

And these two bits are from an article published in Denver Post,1413,36~33~1547648,00.html.

Sunday, August 03, 2003 - Denver-based Quark Inc., one of the nation's best-known software companies, has just built a brand-new facility that will employ 1,000 software and technology workers.
The growth might appear encouraging to the state's ailing tech economy, but there's a key caveat: the center, and the jobs, are in Chandigarh, India.
"This is part of why the economy is still sluggish," said Mac Clouse, director of the Reiman School of Finance at the University of Denver.
"It's not the traditional economic model anymore," he said. "Businesses may be spending, but they're not spending their dollars here - it's not going to result in new jobs and increased economic activity."

I keep reminding myself of that saying, what goes up must come down. It always has and it will this time too, it�s only a matter of time. Those who�re getting fat on the riches of this land will have their day when they�ll be writing messages of anger and frustration fully aware that they are helpless to stop the marching of jobs out of their borders.
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19 years ago
Time magazine August 4th, has an article about outsourcing of good jobs to India, with statistics and quotes from those who gained and those who lost. Don't read it if you're already upset about the situation.
19 years ago
Hello and welcome,
Your frustration rings familiar. I�m going to answer your question from my point of view which is I�m afraid not very positive. I know some of the other members in this forum will not agree with me.
You asked if the jobs posted are real, in my opinion more than fifty percent of the jobs posted are not real. Furthermore, I think more than fifty percent of the real job postings are already promised to or filled by someone who knows the hiring manager. Why do jobs get posted if they�re not real? The answer is one real job gets posted many times probably by many different head hunters who hope to find that ultimate candidate. Now let�s talk about the real job postings. In my opinion, at least half of these are already promised or given to people who know the hiring manager. You can fill in the details -- if you care to -- as to why a job that�s been promised or filled should be advertised. As I said these are my conclusions based on my personal observations and experiences.
Finally, the reality of IT job market these days is reflected in the job postings on It�s not hard to find job postings with a large list of requirements that finish with a statement like, �this job pays very low, don�t expect to pay your rent with it�.
The good news is, if you can wait a few years and keep your skills current, this job market is bound to turn around.
19 years ago
Hi Peekaboo,
Rei has a point security seems to be a good field that may even benefit from globalization. Also, fields that deal with network design and programming for fail safe and speed (and I don�t mean cicso administration). A couple of years ago, I was reading a C++ book that explained some algorithms and coding techniques for getting the best performance. Their examples included a piece of code for a fault tolerant fast network grid. I realized then that I didn�t have the mathematics background for that type of work. But I bet that kind of skill will remain in demand and benefit from globalization as well. Also, digital signal processing might have a domestic job market.
19 years ago
Hi Chris,
How sure are you that all the jar files you need are in your classpath or where they can be found? Could this be a situation that the class loader finds two different versions of the same class? That happened to me once and I was getting strange problems.
19 years ago
Hi HS and Matt,
Thanks for your remarks. I�ve been researching fields like nuclear medical technology and radiography. I don�t think these jobs can easily be sent off elsewhere. Hospitals could put their patients on planes and send them to a country with millions of super talented geniuses with degrees from schools that put MIT and Harvard to shame, and who work twenty four hours a day for the price of a cup of coffee in this country, but ultimately it won�t be cheaper for them unless if the airlines start flying people for free.
I�ve passed the prime age of thirty something, which seems to be at least one of the major requirements these days. It�s time for me to focus my energy on something that is more rewarding than punishing in terms of earning a living.
19 years ago