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10 years ago

Bujji Gadu wrote:I was getting this error on my WAS6.1. Console keeps printing this error every minute or so. Error started after vpm disconnected in the middle of a transaction. Resolved after removing the logs from tranlog & parterlog directory. Thank you.

Thanks for the tip. It worked
OMG! Oracle has almost acquired 50+ companies. Their growth mantra is just to keep acquiring.
Source wikipedia.

Btw, about this acquisition:

Sun = Great products, Poor marketing
Oracle = Mediocre products, Excellent Marketing

Oracle + Sun = Great Mediocre products with excellent poor marketing
12 years ago
refer this example
12 years ago

Balakrishnan Viswanathan wrote:Hi.
I came to know that the syllabus is not exactly matching the book. I am confused on how to go ahead with the preparation on this. Can anyone please help me on this ? Do I need to read through all the chapters in that book and then map it with the objectives ?

Please guide me in proceeding on this
Thanks & Regards

I think you are looking for this book. This covers SCEA 5 objectives.

Be positive

Many things are not in our control. We should never worry for things that are not in our control.

What say?
12 years ago
What kind of form validations do you have?
Is not just writing an xml for each form enough?
Something like below:
Mike, you have made a very broad statement "good Frame work". What is good for somebody else might not be good for you and your team. Also what do you mean by "good"; easier to learn, support for ajax, higher productivity etc. It could mean any thing.

What I would suggest is, each one of you in your team evaluate one framework independently (probably with a rudimentary poc). Meet over a beer and close on one framework. Period.

Btw, if you ask me - go with Struts2 - one of finest piece of software written. But again, that is my opinion.

And, regarding JSF, whenever somebody uses JSF - a fairy dies (on a lighter note).
It is not straightforward & can confuse you sometimes.
If it is simple and straight forward; go ahead and implement it. Follow KISS principle.
I don't think you should be worried about 100 entries in the spring xml file. Either way, you are going to build incrementally. I don't think you would start with all the 100 entries in the xml rightaway. If required you can always modularize your spring xml in different xml files based on functionality.
Also your approach gives the maximum flexibility; having one validator for each form, which gives the flexibility to change in the future, if required.

I think we developers assume that complex solutions are better and correct and elegant way to do things. But sometimes, simple solutions are good enough and solve the purpose.

Also in the course of time, you can always refactor, if you find an elegant way.

Vesko Jel wrote:Is there a framework that can use for adding permissions to web application? For instance users of given group to see one menu and guests other menu entries?

You can Spring Security.
12 years ago

Tag cloud of Java & Opensource technologies

12 years ago
It's hard to imagine............
12 years ago
The Permanent space issue can be easily identified by the exception stack trace.

Did you see something like this in the stack trace?

If yes, then your fix is good..
12 years ago