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Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:Pooja,
Read this is about the 72%. It's not a reflection on how much you need to study. It's a reflection of how I've been doing during the pandemic!

Thanks, Jeanne now I am a little bit relieved.
Thanks for the blog. I read it twice.

The most important line I found by you.

Test-taking skills are definitely important on this exam. For example, I looked at the answers before reading questions with a bunch of code. This gave me a clue what to look for. And also told me that I could read faster if there was a “do not compile” option.

Now I think, I should give myself another 3-4 months before appearing for the exam. Because you are a book writer and scoring 72%. And I have started working on Java for the past 6 months. That means I need lots and lots of hard work to clear this exam.

Hi Marina, i am also new to java. Please buy enthuware exam sample papers. Without doing those papers don't go for exam. I study from OCP guide books by Scott and then do the practice questions from Enthuware.
I was preparing for 1Z0-815. Now got to know 1Z0-815 & 1Z0-816 merged together into 1Z0-819. I welcome this decision of Oracle because after giving 1Z0-815, I could have definitely gone lazy to give 1Z0-816. Now I will be forced to learn whole core till advanced java.
Secondly, the cost of the fee is reduced and its really useful for students like me. Who is not working and have to pay fee on their own pocket. But yes 90 minutes, that means time management needs to be worked strongly.

All the best to everyone and also to me for 1Z0-819

That's means I can upgrade the desktop enthuware sample papers after 6 months.

Thanks alot
Hi Enthuware Team,

I bought my Enthuware sample paper almost 5 months back. I need another 2 -3 months to prepare for my 1z0-815 exam. Shall I re-buy the enthuware sample papers?

Mine is Desktop based sample papers.

Hi Jeanne,

Thanks for making a fantastic study guide. I am using it right now and waiting eagerly for the 1Z0-816 which is going to release on 21 July.

Your hard work is really helpful for people like us, who are a beginner to Java.

Thanks for the fantastic books
Thanks, Roberts for the quick response and I really appreciate it.
Congrats Roberts.

Please suggest books you have referred for 1Z0-815 and 1Z0-816. I am also new to Java and now started preparing for the certification exam as well.