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I would suppose to give you an example which you can use for solving this problem and you can use one of the IDEs i.e.
1 year ago
The Hypixel Network is defined as a Minecraft mini game server, which was released on April 13, 2013, developed by Philippe Touchette and Simon Collins-Laflamme. Hypixel Inc manages the servers, which are only accessible on the Minecraft Java Edition. Presently, Hypixel is one of the biggest and amazing Minecraft Server Network worldwide. The server consists of so many players that log in the game daily, so you can make many friends in the game and enjoy them with your friends daily.

How to join the Hypixel Server?
The server features wholly unique and entertaining games like BedWars, Build Battle, SkyWars, and many more. If you want to play on this server, then you need to follow simple steps, but most importantly, you need a Minecraft account for Mac/PC, and you can purchase it from the official Minecraft website. Apart from it, other Minecraft versions like pocket edition, Console versions, and Windows 10 as well pirated versions will be automatically blocked in the server.  After the successful installation in your device, then you can join the Hypixel server and play it without any issues. You have to add the Hypixel server on the multiplayer server list, and the server address is

How to join the Hypixel Discord?
On the official Discord of Hypixel is a platform at which you can easily voice chat with the players and friends from the server. It needs you to join your Minecraft account with a Discord account. The official link of Hypixel server Discord is:

Connecting the Hypixel Discord
As related to Hypixel's TeamSpeak, the Hypixel server uses a rank authentication process for assigning you the suitable rank on the Discord platform of Hypixel.  For the successful connection, users are required to link their Minecraft account with the Hypixel Forums account. After the successful linkage of accounts, you have to go to a Hypixel lobby and then type:
This command will provide an official link of the Hypixel website for starting the Forums account to the user's Discord account. This link will request the user to link the Discord with the game. After accepting the request, it will request the user to allow Hypixel Discord Server for having access to the user's Discord avatar and username. After the successful authorization, it will request the user to confirm the Discord tag. Click on "Yes, this is my Discord Tag," then it will automatically open the user's Discord client and request for joining the official Hypixel Discord server. Discord connection is completed, and now users can use the Hypixel Discord chat rooms without any issue. In case the user faces any issue regarding the linking of Minecraft account to the appropriate Discord account, try the below command:
Go to in the web browser.
  • 1. Click on the gear in the icon left for opening the user settings.
    2. Click "Log Out" on the bottom left.
    3. Try linking again.
    If a us
  • er is still facing issues, contact on for additional help.

    Hypixel is one of the largest game servers for Minecraft because the server is fantastic, and there is a high number of players that access the server daily. This article helps to gain complete information regarding the Hypixel server and the process for accessing the server quickly. Hypixel also has a server on the discord platform that allows the users to connect with in-game players and friends through voice chat. The process for accessing both the in game server and discord server is secure, but there are several conditions for the successful access. We have discussed all of the important aspects regarding the process of how to join Hypixel the server easily.
    1 year ago
    I am thinking this one, What is your take on it:

    1. Python requires no "set up." A full python environment is already on every Linux machine, and on Macs. Whereas Java requires a substantial amount of setup. So if you want to get started with python programming, just type python at the prompt. Now. That's it. To start with Java, call someone who knows it.

    2. The systems written in Java that we have purchased all suffer from the need to have particular versions of Java installed, and thick clients of these systems also have that requirement. Support of Java appears to be expensive. We do not yet have a similar number of python systems, but no one is expecting configuration management to be an issue with them.

    3. Python has its own idiosyncrasies. In Java, every object must be a representation of some class, but in python the "variables" are of a unique flavor. Variables do not represent objects [cf. object: something in memory that has an address] nor are they pointers, nor are they references. It is best to think of them as temporary "names" for an underlying reality, much like any fiction or cartoon character.

    4. Python is not so popular because it is a little bit difficult to understand but it is more dynamic than java,which is the upmost demand in any of the software.
    1 year ago

    Stephan van Hulst wrote:Les, I work in a software company that builds solutions that tightly integrate with many different Microsoft products. Over the past 5 years I've made two primary observations:

  • Microsoft has made great steps in becoming more open-source, and becoming less evil in general.
  • Microsoft still employs mainly shit programmers and it's horrible to write software that interfaces with their products.

  • That is absolutely true things and I am also thinking the Lambda is the only things which is introduced in Java 8.
    1 year ago

    Bala Tilak wrote:Hi All,

    I have a java web application. My application uses Struts2. My application generates the results of games (each state page have around 10 games and the results are published twice daily for 7 games and two are weekly).

    Now I dont want to generate the same html (from JSP everytime) instead I want to Cache the generated HTML page (like PHP Caching) and only generate the new page when ever there is a change in the states data..

    Is there any tool like QuickCache for PHP available for Java ?

    Or Do I need to program it manually, If yes, can you suggest me the best method to implement this.

    Thanks in advance,

    EHCache provides support for memory and disk stores. EHCache provides LRU (Least Recently Used), LFU (Least Frequently Used), FIFO (First In First Out) algorithms out-of-the box algorithms for object eviction from memory. EHCache offers support for distributed caching
    1 year ago
    Can you please explain it more better way?

    Stephan van Hulst wrote:What executable? What are you expecting to happen?

    I think his mean about the executable is, He is clicking on the executable file and after clicking it is not running.

    Just follow these steps:

    1. Simply download mySQL from this link:
    2. Once it will be downloaded then extract the files.
    3. I would also recommend you to move your folder into the new places in the system.
    4. Create a Configuration File:

    5. Then test your installation.

    6. Change your root password
    7. Install MySQL as a Windows service

    This all will help you to complete the MySQL Installation.
    Can you please paste your code as it is, then I will able to check your code more better way and can execute in into my system?
    1 year ago