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since May 09, 2020
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Recent posts by Olufisayo Deji

Welcome Darcy,
Would you recommend the scrum master certification for someone looking to get their first role?
I'm new to android development having dabbed into mobile application development with react-native.
I noticed the chapters for this new edition addressed most of the topics i'm interested in learning as an android developer.
Was this as a result of reviews from previous editions?
2 years ago
To complete this live project.  Do we require neural network / deep learning  experience ?
Congratulations on your book.
What inspired you into writing a book on algorithms?
3 years ago
Hello rishal,
For someone  getting into AI without a calculus background. Do you think I can go through this book without it?
Do you encourage people from non technical background to read your book ?
How do I participate in the giveaway "transfer natural language processing" book?

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:Hi .

That book comes with three online practice exams. You sign up to get access here. Are you getting a specific error?

Is there any access codes to elongate the validity period?

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Welcome to the Ranch

Please provide more details of the book, including authors. Maybe they can help with your problem.

I edited my initial post.
I just bought this book OCA study guide by jeanne Boyarsky and scott Selikoff) on amazon for java 8 certification with the thought that I'll have access to the practice exams as its written on the book cover but that not the case.
No practice exams. Can I still get access to the practice exams?