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Recent posts by Leandro Oliveira

Hi, I would like to know your opinion about the frameworks we have for implementing binding XML / Obj focusing on the Web Services context requirements. For example Castor is a great XML/Obj mapping framework; it's a easy start framework; but is it good tecnologi for Web Services?

My objective is study and develop SOA applications!

Leandro Oliveira
16 years ago
But we have to archive the project.
And, I would need many whiteboards to design!?

I'm new with software design!!
Do you know where I could find a "best practices"!?!?

Thanks in advance.
I work in a project with 3 software designers. We use Espiral process. Sometimes I need something modeled by other designers. But with jude, we can't work on the same jude project at the same time, and we have redesign many things already designed... Is there a tool that could help us!? We don't use the whiteboard because we like to keep the design updated. When we refactor applications we refactor the design before.
Do you know any good UML tool for team development...
Jude is really weak...

Thanks in advance!

Really thanks
Leandro de Souza Oliveira
[ January 18, 2006: Message edited by: Leandro Oliveira ]
Hi... I'm developing a batch software. And I have the problem, for example, if somebody removes the net cable the application notices that the connection cannot be used (does this with a test like select sysdate from dual) and keeps trying to reconnect. When the cable is plugged, it reconects (creates a new connection) and start it's work. The only problem is that the old connection goes to INACTIVE state, and blocks the new connection when the application creates a new transaction to execute the process. The question is: is there some way to get INACTIVE connections???

Thanks in advance.

I am involved in a project that presents some new problems for me. After working in a first version that didn't work exactly how it was expected, I am doing some research, looking for information about architectures and solutions that would help to implement a good software.

Here's a short description of the system: there are three big databases from different applications, containing informations about people, families, addresses, incomes etc. The system must synchronize the data between the databases, following specific rules for each domain and database. For instance, let's suppose an address synchronization from database A to database B. Each registry has an associated date, that measures it's age. If the registry from database A is newer than the equivalent registry in database B and the data is different between them, the registry in B should be updated with A's data. Some validations can be added, ie: some string must be shorter than n characters, the address must be a valid one etc. These rules can be somewhat complex.

It's good to remember that the database schemas are different, as does the database management systems (Oracle vs. SQL Server). They were created really independently, and the need for the synchronization came later. I would like to point that the registry number in all databases is high. We want to implement the software using Java, since it's company's language of choice.

Well, it's the general picture. As I said, we don't have much experience in this kind of system and would like the suggestion of solutions, architectures etc that were proven good in similar conditions. If you need more information, feel free to ask.

Your help will be very appreciated. Thanks!

Where can I put business logic?? in a fa´┐Żade?? in a Business Object?? or in a Business Delegate??

Thanks, in advance!
Could someone tell me the difference between a Business Object and a Business delegate??
Thanks to you all I could increase tomcat 4x memory as service, by modifing entries in regedit... but I need to increase tomcat 5.x memory!! have you seen any other guy trying the same in any other forum??
19 years ago
I have 1GB available for tomcat but it uses only a few of it... It's installed as service, could you help me increase its memory??
19 years ago
Always reports something like this (only 'Free memory' changes)
I set JAVA_OPTS enviroment variable to -Xms256m -Xmx256m. I also made a program to print the max memory and started it by prompt with the following command java test -Xmx256m -Xms256m and the max memory does not change.

Max memory: 134.217.728
Free memory: 21.686.320
Total memory: 63.979.520
19 years ago
Could some one help me here!? the max memory doesn't change with JAVA_OPTS set to -Xms256m -Xmx256m...
19 years ago
it didn't change!! the max memory doesn't change.
19 years ago
how can I test it??
19 years ago