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Recent posts by Eric SIMON

Hi Tom,
I've got the same message when I tried to evaluate some variables in the debugger.
I work with WSAD 4.0.3 which is delivered with WAS AEs 4.0.1.
I have applied Fixpack 3 for WAS AE/AEs and it solved this problem, but sometimes web application is shutting down.
You can dowload the FixPack here :
WebSphere Application Server Version 4.0 FixPak 3 (Version 4.0.3)
Be careful when you apply the fixpack. You must set environment variables :

  • Hope this helps.
    17 years ago
    First, the best way is to move to JSP 1.1.
    Then to deploy your application, i think you should use Application Assembly Tool to package your JSPs in web module and enterprise application.
    It generates an .ear file that you can deploy on WAS.
    You can download WAS RedBook at this URL :
    17 years ago
    The websphere plug-in which is a module that runs as part of the Web server process is used to communicate between Websphere and HTTP Server.
    I think the problem you have is due to a plug-in configuration problem.
    The plug-in uses a property file (plugin-cfg.xml) which is located in WAS_HOME/config directory.
    1. Look at your httpd.conf file. You must have a line with WebSpherePluginConfig WAS_HOME/config/plugin-cfg.xml
    2. If there is this line in your httpd.conf file, try to stop your HTTP Server. Then right-click the node in the admin console of WAS and choose Regen Webserver plug-in (which regenerate the plugin-cfg.xml file) and restart the HTTP Server.
    If it doesn't work you will find more information at this URL :
    [ December 04, 2002: Message edited by: Eric SIMON ]
    17 years ago
    Hi Erik,
    The java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError is encountered when the environment variable java.library.path is not set.
    Depending on which version of WAS you are using, you must set LIB_PATH (WAS 3.x) in environment variable or java.library.path (WAS 4.x) in the system properties of the JVM.
    This variable must point to the directory where your dll is located.
    You can also set the java.library.path in VAJ with -D parameter of the JVM.
    17 years ago
    Hi Carlos,
    Look at this URL : Starting, stopping, and configuring WebSphere Test Environment services
    [ November 20, 2002: Message edited by: Eric SIMON ]
    17 years ago
    Hi Kyle,
    I have asked the French IBM Support about the use of an XMLConfig file to change the install directory of an Enterprise Application.
    It's the only way you can change it and it's not forbidden.
    17 years ago
    You can specify a different directory using XMLconfig file.
    For example :
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <!DOCTYPE websphere-sa-config SYSTEM "file:///$XMLConfigDTDLocation$$dsep$xmlconfig.dtd" >
    <enterprise-application action="create" name="AppName">
    Then you must import this file to deploy your application.
    [ November 08, 2002: Message edited by: Eric SIMON ]
    17 years ago