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Recent posts by Mahdi soultana

Hi all i have stacked with this issus wich i dont' don't know the problem i follow the seem instruction for running nodemon and mocha here is the image attach for see more ,i run

HOW CAN I send from my code sending.JS to each user how sign Up  with Gmail  ? Can you give me some resource to follow
And i 'm really happy to get this conversation with you.
1 year ago
yes Ok and tha,nk yoou very Much to replay me for me i wok in project like task manager and i work with nodejs by express and mongoose to sotre email of users in sign in and i want to send email by services like mailgun i want to use there api with free trail so if i want to run there function to and active the service i must have domain name to get the service ,so here the problem i don't have domaine name for that service , and i want to know if there are other services that use free email send from like  gmail or hotmail or yahoo without providing domaine name to use a service ! Ihope you understand if you want more info check service for mail gun and script is here :


var DOMAIN = 'YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME'; ///This is my problem !?

var mailgun = require('mailgun-js')({apiKey: API_KEY, domain: DOMAIN});

const data = {
 from: 'Excited User <>',
 to: ',',
 subject: 'Hello',
 text: 'Testing some Mailgun awesomeness!'

mailgun.messages().send(data, (error, body) => {


So idon't Know if there are other services they don't need to use domaine name just use gmail ("_") and thank you very much for your help i don't know if you really understand me !
1 year ago
Hi All I'm student in web developer I learn now node but I have problem with name domain to configure, so I don't know if there are some other services for emailing they don't need domain name, so I can grab API and work with in node or I have option to get free domain name and configure with services. Please i 'm breaking here, I just want to test!
1 year ago
have learn a lot in Node.js mongoose react but i see the most in my city office work in eCommerce local so they have site developed by prestashop the problem is how can i work with prestashop by my knowledge Node.js React mongoose Express to create complete website eCommerce with Prestashop ?
1 year ago