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Recent posts by Igor Zeta

hi all,
what do you think about the J2EE RI server to use
in order to have my HF exercise done?
I've got in my hand either jboss,orion as well as
j2eesdk1.3 ,tomcat4.x(Could I use it?). :roll:
I've found the answer my own!
A good happening in a dark day
I've found the answer on the Sun site
20 years ago
I've found the answer my own!
A good happening in a dark day
I've found the answer on the Sun site
20 years ago
attached with the previous task
about how to launch an ant job from java code,
I'm asking myself why after the execution ends
my swing gui program exit?
Any suggestion on how to avoid ant System.exit()?
Please give me some Chink of light!
20 years ago
I'm trying to launch an ant statement
that succeed from command line but not
from a java code.
this is what I do from command line

and I get:

[deltree] DEPRECATED - The deltree task is deprecated. Use delete instead.
[deltree] Deleting: D:\igor\work\DBAccessOutput\veicoli\build
[deltree] DEPRECATED - The deltree task is deprecated. Use delete instead.
[deltree] Deleting: D:\igor\work\DBAccessOutput\veicoli\dist
[mkdir] Created dir: D:\igor\work\DBAccessOutput\veicoli\build
[javac] Compiling 14 source files to D:\igor\work\DBAccessOutput\veicoli\build
[javac] Note: Some input files use or override a deprecated API.
[javac] Note: Recompile with -deprecation for details.
[mkdir] Created dir: D:\igor\work\DBAccessOutput\veicoli\dist\lib
[jar] Building jar: D:\igor\work\DBAccessOutput\veicoli\dist\lib\MyProject-20031009.jar
Total time: 13 seconds

and this is what I get from java code:

and I get
BuildFile: build.xml does not exist!
bad arguments
Any suggestion?
20 years ago
I've found some usefull library
for example
that answer to my question e does many other chart related stuffs.
hoping it will help someone too.
20 years ago
Hello all,
I'm looking for something (possibly free)
for build gif or jpeg or any other kind
of image in order to represent "gant" charts
In other words project time appraisal charts.

day 1 day2 ....

or something similar.
I will be very glad if you show me the right way
20 years ago
I've an applet that have to do some stuff
about digital sign, after, it should write
the decoded string in the client file-system.
But I guess I couldn't write on the client f.s.
from an applet.
Before this error I had that my needed class
imported in order to achieve the main stuff
had not been instantiated, having anyway mentioned
all the jar I needed.
[ September 03, 2003: Message edited by: Igor Zeta ]
20 years ago
now I do all that I wanted.
I've added the options for chosing colors from a JColorChooser,more you have to pay attention to the starting image color(currentColor var) that you must define in the code.
I give you the entire modified code.

[ April 28, 2003: Message edited by: Igor Zeta ]
21 years ago
If you want to write the image using the gif format you can use GIF89Encoder that you can find on the acme site
I've found it very simple to use. I give you a snippet of code

Hope it helps!
21 years ago
Now, looking for some problems related to palettes I've decided to work with png that can store more colours occuping low memory size.
Have you some snippet of code for write down to
a png file format from an Image?
In few words using your code...
[ March 24, 2003: Message edited by: Igor Zeta ]
21 years ago
very usefull post.
Now I read, modify the colour and write to a gif
But, Do you know why some gif I'm not able to modify and other yes.
I've been finding that it's a problem related to the image palette.Or not?
Any suggestion?
21 years ago
I've to change colour of five images.
I've already setted up the chain that
get the user able to choose the colour
and generate the output with the desired
colours of other html elements.
Now I need to change the colour of gif images.
In other words I need to load in memory a gif image change the colour and write down to the file system.
I've come through sun site and I've found
something about MediaTracker but I'm not sure it's what I'm looking for...
I've seen something about JAI...
Some example?Some suggestion?
21 years ago
how to have an image painted having in input the same image.
Any suggestion?
21 years ago
Thanks to all of you
I'd say many thanks to all of you !!
specially to all of you here at javaranch
where I've really found a "friendly place"
where learn trying to help the ranch fellows!

have a good time
Anyway I'll be around here!
21 years ago