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Recent posts by Jaysakthy Muthuvelu

I would say Exam was Not so BAD. 55 questions.
Only 2 questions from Mock exams.
No questions from Signatures & encrption.
Certainly not like mock exams we r doing.
I read all the materials posted by "jayadev" in earlier post. + XML Nutshell.
Once again i thank u all for ur help.
see u all soon for another certification.

Hello there,
Today I took the Exam & passed with 63%.
Little bit Upset but it was a good experience.
Architecture : 60%
Information Modeling : 73%
XML Processing : 55%
XML Rendering : 66%
Testing & Tuning : 66%
I studied for only 15days 5-6 hrs/day.
I should thank all Javaranchers for my success in this exam,they helped me on everystep of my way. "THANKS GUYS".
I got inspiration to do this exam after reading those javaranch posts & I got free voucher too.
For Speed : DOM is the Best.
But If there is a memory constraint then we have to choose SAX.
Over all
Dom - speed
SAX - Limited Memory Use.
Hello Don & Dan,
So, what's the conclusion for Meta language?
Is Meta language & metamarkup language r one & the same or Different?
Acc to XML Nutshell

XML is a metamarkup language. That means it doesn't have a fixed set of tags and elements that are supposed to work for everybody in all areas of interest for all time. Any attempt to create a finite set of such tags is doomed to failure.

Can anyone explain Meta language?
I have to take the test on saturaday,so plz answer all the questions i have asked b4.
I greatly appreciate all of ur help,
Hello there,
This question is discussed in the previous posts but they were not clear to me
1.Documents with Processing instruction can be handled by SAX or not?
True or false.
I think its "true"
If "false" why?
28. XML rendering is appropriate for:
I. generation of web pages and HTML output.
II. composition for electronic publishing to print media.
III. interchange of information with pervasive computing devices.
A. I and II only
B. I and III only
C. II and III only
D. I, II and III
Answer is "d" But i would say "b"
Different mock exams r telling different statements abt this questions.Plz clarify this.
32. Which of the following should NOT be relied upon to locate information of interest when querying an XML document?
A. The element type of an element
B. An attribute value specified on an element start tag
C. A processing instruction contained by the element of interest
D. Comments on the element declaration for the element of interest
The answer is "d",but my naswer is C & D.
why c : PI r for Application it should contain xml data(By Ajith KALAMBELLA)
Thanks in advance,
Hi there,
2. For meta Language question choose all the correct answer?
How come XML is not a meta language while SGML is.
I took skillometer exam. I would like to know answers for these questions.
Can anyone help me with this?
1. <source><book> Book content 1
<author> author1 </author>
<book> Book content 2
<author> author2 </author>
In css :
book : {font : BOLD} (Iam not sure abt the CSS coding but altogether CSS is set to bold for BOOK elt)

My answer : Bookcontent1author1Bookcontent2author2 will get o/p as bold.Is that correct?

2. which of the following r META Languages ?
(Guess ?? XML,SGML,HTML)
3.XML vocabulary used in particular field of knowledge is defined by :
stylesheet,DTD,CSS,Doctype declaration.
4.An XML doc. is a standalone(yes) but it's not wellformed can i say its "valid" or not?
Thanks Guys,
What abt question : 4 & 6.
Sorry 2 more questions :
1.If multiple declaration has been declared for the same elt. then which one get selected.As per mock exam "last" one get declared bcoz non-validating parsers do like that.
Is this correct?
2. What if there is 2 attlist ?
then i think second declaration get merged with the first one.Am i correct or not?
Is there any special cases in this?
3.Might be simple :
"Number("99 abcd")" what is the o/p?
True or false ?

Hi there,

Could anyone plz help me with these questions?
I found that from various mock exams.

1.How many Itemname elts will be outputed when this style sheet is applied?
The instant doc. :

The output is 5.But I would say it's 3 is there anyone to explain how 5 is correct?
2.How many elts will be outputed when this style sheet is applied?
The instant Doc.

The output is 7.
Plz explain that. Iam not sure how it is!

3. whether comments can be nested or not?

<!-- Iam fine so far "[ <!-- But not now -->] " oops -->
wellformed or not?
4. In "Redefine" if the invoking schema overrides the imported one then
the new definition get replaced or reflected everywhere (ie. old one get replaced)

My question is:

Shall we override the element which is set to "restriction|extension|all" using redefine?
Is it possible?

5.How binary data can be added to XML documents ?
6. here is the MYDTD.DTD : ( whizlabs)

The Answer is " YES"

I said "NO"
Why : First of all the root node should be the Doctype elt ? here it's "x".
Do anyone explain me how this is a valid document ?

Hi there,
Here is the link provided by Jeyadev for business scenario :
HI there,
I prepared some list (for my use), describing Merits & demerits of DOM & SAX. If iam wrong somewhere plz correct me. If i missed anything add to that

Sorry for the trouble syed,
I bought the book itself.
Anyway thanks for ur reply.
Thanks Guys!
Now iam clear.
Hi there,
In zvon tutorial the following question has this answer 1,2,3,4 nodes.
Iam fine with 2,3,4 nodes since they r preceding siblings,but 1st node <BBB> is the parent of <ccc/>. How come they r telling it's the preceding sibling. Plz clarify me.


<BBB> ------- 1
</BBB> ------
<XXX> ------- 4
<EEE/> ----------2
<DDD/> ----------3
</XXX> -----------
Hi guys,
can u tell me how to print the quick ref.
It is displayed as "Not allowed for printing"(security).
Is Ghostview a free software?
Already Iam suffering from back pain If I get this hard copy that will help me to some extent.

Thanks in advance.