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I think I can teach you English at the cost of learning java.

Have a nice day
6 months ago

Peter Rooke wrote:I'll still say have a browse of the Spring Documentation.  
It's always well written, accurate, and up to date.    

It's been the popular suggestion, thank you.
7 months ago

Junilu Lacar wrote:1. Spring is not a language; it is a Java-based framework.

2. You can buy a book on Spring and go through it. Spring Boot in Action and Spring in Action are two books about Spring that walk you through the creation of a Spring-based application. There is also a MEAP livebook where you can submit your work at various stages of development for evaluation. Check out Manning.com for some good references on Spring.

Thank you so much for those book recommendations.
7 months ago

Do you mean the official Spring documentation site..?

No, because I thought it would be too formal for a beginner, and moreover, I've never experienced learning a language looking at the official doc.

It sounds an interesting approach though.


7 months ago
Spring is just a few months away, but I want to learn it now.

I'm currently learning servlets and jsp, and I've not completed it yet. But I want to incorporate Spring learning journey alongside my current learning topics.

Any suggestions...
Any Book recommendations...
Any thought on how would you embark upon a trek, learning servlets, jsps and spring all at the same time...
Any idea of the 24 hr time-table you would design for this task...
Any idea of how would you do this before the new year's eve...

Any anything else you want to include...

7 months ago
My Mistake...


It should be, contextInitialized

Moreover, i didn't mention contextDestroyed().

7 months ago
OMG... OMG...


Can't believe I committed that minute, schmutz error.

Thank You so much...
7 months ago
In the output, I'm expecting

Test Context Attributes set by listener
Dog's breed is: Great Dane

But i'm getting,

just Test Context Attributes set by listener

Now,My Servlet Listener class sets an attribute in the Servlet context called dog (of type Dog, whose code is supplied in the query). And, servlet class is programmed to access that attribute, and display it's value which is. Great Dane.

I don't see any flaw in my code, but i'm not getting the output I'm expecting. So, that's the issue, and i'm trying to figure out what's the issue .
7 months ago
I wrote this code in Eclipse (Tomcat server), and i wrote this listener class. But it seems like it's not responding.
Here's my code:





So, when i run this, the output is :

Test Context Attributes set by listener

that's it....        It doesn't invoke listener class i think??? I can't figure out where am i going wrong??? Help...
Also, in my web.xml file, i just wrote web-app, removing extra stuff that eclipse adds, because with the added stuff, it showed wrong.
that's not the problem however..

Any idea what's wrong....

7 months ago