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Recent posts by Ricardo Polero Baraldi

Dears Friends
I already cleared the Test in the begin of July (maybe I was ones of the first) but I not sure if I'll need to pass again. Because they say that who passed in the pre-assest (or something like that) will can buy the voucher with 50% off.

MBA,PMP,SCEA,SCJD,SCJP,Filenet P8 BPM & CM Solution Architect, IBM Certified SOA Solution Designer & DB2 Dba
I�m native spanish spoken:

So "ll" is like "double l"
Them "paella" you�ll pronunce "pae" and sound close to "ya".
19 years ago
Dear Alain
Excelent score
One more question: How you solve the client tier ? I think in use Controller strategy (use some patterns) that can be use for Web and swing clients. My problem is I always thing in code, so I try to reflex this in the sequence diagram, putting all the sub-omponent of the pattern on it.
Did you just put as component "GUI Layer" and them explain how this thing work or show every component inside GUI component? And the security , just said "use JASS" or explaind all ?
Thanks in advance
Vi que vc e do Brasil, eu estou em SP.
Estou fazendo o assigment. Podemos ajudarnos mutuamente ?
Estoy fazendo os User case agora e terminei o prepare.
Dear Friends
I did that , but put as an actor and describe like "Price itinerary UserCase" would this be accepted ?
Another question. I started the assigment with the database schema using RRose2002 Ent edition and after that i generate the object model.
Looks like strage ! Someone know a way to check this out ?
I have some class (like session farcade for example) used just for convenience or best practices and anothers regarding the business (fights, plane, segments,etc). I need to put those "patterns" class in the class diagram ?
Dear Javaranchers;
I have a question. Seem the assigment have two types of client. One for the booking systems and the new one for the payment systems . right
Som clue about the patter to use
Greate Cons !!!
Now you force me to pass also !
Great !
19 years ago
Dear Dimitar !!!
So many time since India !!!
Excelent score ! Shift to Java also , sure Forte is down
I passed also at november 2003 !
Write sometimes !
All the best
HI, Yes almost copy all Java on it !!!
Intermediate MSIL conde is generating from the languages (J#,C#,VBNET,etc) e interpreted by the .Net Framework. All hierancy from System, etc etc
20 years ago
Wow !
Many people taked !
would you guys , give us an example of the questions ?
I believe just 400 voucher were sent to us.
We have until 7th of july for take it , Right?
Dear Kathy:
I would like to know if you already got the voucher, how long can I wait until try to pass?
Some people said that get the exam a soon as I can, I believe the end line is the 7 of july included, and there is no rush until this date.
I�m right ?
There is two example in WSAD with struts
20 years ago