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Any one can tell me how can i discover the devices in a LAN using DatagramSocket / DatagramPacket?

actually i want to write an application which will do the discovery of all the devices in side the LAN and are SNMP enable.


I think this question should be in "OO, Patterns, UML and Refactoring" forum

Hi guys,
I am facing problem in upgrading the weblogic 6 to weblogic 8.1. I am running my application running on linux. the steps i followed are:

1. created link to point where my application (file structure) located at WL_HOME/config/<mydomain> this folder points to the actual application. believe me guys this is not a problem i guess.

2. updated my setEnv.sh and startWeblogic.sh scripts and pointed the weblogic.jar etc correctly.

3. made slight changes in weblogic.xml file these changes are:
removed the old entry and added these lines:
<Security Name="mydomain" Realm="mysecurity"/>
<Realm Name="mysecurity" FileRealm="myrealm"/>
<FileRealm Name="myrealm"/>

4. tried to start the WL Server, resulting these eorrors:

The WebLogic Server did not start up properly.
Exception raised: 'weblogic.management.configuration.ConfigurationException: The MBean wlsadmin:Name=wlsadmin,Type=Security had an unresolved reference for the attribute Realm the mbean wl_default_realm'
Reason: weblogic.management.configuration.ConfigurationException: The MBean wlsadmin:Name=wlsadmin,Type=Security had an unresolved reference for the attribute Realm to the mbean_default_realm

does anybody has any idea?
18 years ago
thnx for replying... this solution seems to be a work around...
I think it will have lots of performance issue...
any comment guys?

18 years ago
Thanks for replying me casper...
but how will i delete the chars if i have written to this file?
any idea? will skip() method help me out in this case?

18 years ago
Hi guys,

I am writing a log file char by char... my requirement is, if user
presses the backspace (on gui) the written char should be deleted
back from the file since i have already written it to the file...

can you please tell me how can be one text file manipulated specially
deleted few chars on perticular index.. i know the file index where
i want to delete the char..

any help will be appreciated guys..

18 years ago
u can just go thru the api's provided by jakarta to read and write
the ms-xl files. this api is called POI(I think...)

19 years ago

but i dont think that refelection will be better idea for doing this. it may cause some performance issues.

I think the best will be using Factory pattern.

This question arises from my understanding (may be flawed) of one of the benefits of using factory methods: Factory methods help us avoid putting an if-else or case to determine which class to instantiate at runtime.

we can avoid if-else in our client's code, but the factory class which is responsible to create/instantiate the object and return it to the client based on the parameter/argument passed has to use if-else or switch-case.
Can any one tell me in detail the role of interfaces in patterns specially in factory pattern?
Why java API gives only interfaces to client for say example jdbc api like Connection, Statement ResultSet etc?

***Is it designed to acheive the multiple inheritance and hide the implementation from the client?***

another point is, how to decide when to go for Abstract class and when to go for interface and why?

I know the besic difference between i/f and AC.

why dont u have a boolean attribute in Address class?

I think it does sort of controller job because gui is calling the businesslogin via this class.. i think this class delegates the call to the midle tier. M i right?
Thanks Ilja,

It confirms my answer

as per my thoughts, I think a BA may have the knowledge of UML it will be definately helpful but not for modeling the system but to understand what System analyst has made... coz i feel the BA is the guy who sits other side of the discussion table based on whos inputs System analyst will build a domain diagram

its me again... waiting for others

Hi Vaithiya Sundaram,

Yes, this is exactly answer to my first point. But i m still waiting for the secong point!