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Recent posts by Sam Zou

Scott Selikoff wrote:

Dennis Patel wrote:I found the way to get this done.

Why not post your solution here for others that might have the same problem?

True, you get information from forums but you have to share your knownledge too !
Thanks Matt for your experience.
So Ill stick with Bert &Sierra books and plan for the OCPJP 6 !


Himai Minh wrote:I passed my OCJP 6 and OCMJD 6 in the last 2 years.
It depends on what you prefer.
I took Java 7 new feature course from Oracle as a mandatory training to complete the OCMJD requirement.
The course costs me $900.

In terms of cost, OCJP 6 costs $300. OCMJD part 1 costs $300, part 2 costs $300, training costs $900.

Passing the exams won't guarantee me a better job. I study for the exams just for learning , experience and investment.

Thanks for the information.

So in order to be OCMJD 6 , you need to take the Java 7 new feature course ???

Congratulation for your Certifications
I amabout to start the certification study but I am stil torn between OCPJP 6 or OCPJP 7

Any reason why you decide to go with OCPJP 6 instead of 7 ??

What experience do you have in Java ?
What are the books and materials you used for your certification ?
How long have you been studying ?

Thanks lot !!

Anayonkar Shivalkar wrote:

saumyaraj zala wrote:I was planning to give SCJP 6 exam and bought SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Study Guide by Katherine Sierra and Bert Bates (K&B) book for preparing for the exam but then i heard news about SCJP 7 exam and i got to know that we first have to give associate exam for now how can i study for this exam?? should i refer the same book??? Please help

Firstly, please SearchFirst, and go through SCJP-FAQ.

Secondly, by this exam, what do you exactly mean? The reason behind this question is - there are two ways to achieve OCPJP 7:
1) OCAJP 7 + OCPJP 7
2) OCPJP 6 + OCPJP 7(upgrade exam)

If you follow second approach, Sierra-Bates book is enough for OCPJP 6.

I hope this helps.

All the best!


Which path is cheaper

1) OCAJP 7 + OCPJP 7
2) OCPJP 6 + OCPJP 7(upgrade exam)

Also what is the exam code for that upgrade exam to OCPJP 7 ?


I am planning to get certified in the next couple months .. so I need to study.
I am a java programmer for 6 years now.

As far as I known I have 2 options :

OCPJP 6 (1Z0-851)
OCPJP 7 (1Z0-804) but this one I need to pass first the OCAJP (1Z0-803)

So basically, OCPJP 7 is more expensive since I need OCAJP

So my questions are :
  • 1 - As of today, which one is better and up to date for the market OCPJP 6 or OCPJP 7
  • 2 - Is the OCPJP 6 still revelant in 2-3 years
  • 3 - Is there an upgrade exam to be OCPJP 7 after I took OCPJP 6 to make it cheaper to be OCPJP 7 and what is the upgrate exam to take and its price

  • Thanks for your help


    I'm wondering if struts is still popular and used by developper in medium to big project ??

    Is it worth to take a course on Struts ?

    11 years ago

    I wonder if this is possible.
    I have a .exe file that have to be execute by my java application.
    I'd like to store that .exe file in the jar file of the application.

    How can I execute that .exe file from the java application ?

    12 years ago

    Inside of my build file, I want ant to go to a specific directory
    in order to tar a subdirectory.

    If there a task or command that make this possible ???

    15 years ago

    Originally posted by Ilja Preuss:
    I'm not sure I understand your question. What exactly do you want to do? Can you give an example, please?

    in pseudo code, it looks like :

    ..1-List the content of directory X for a file that match*_*_*_QAE.tar.gz and Store the filename in varFile
    ....(note: * = wildcards =any characters)
    ..2-IF varFile is empty jobX
    .......4-Get the substring subStr = "build*_*_*" of varFile
    .......5-Create a file which filename is a concatenation of the above
    .........substring + XXXX

    I known how to do step 1 and 5.
    But I need some help for step 2-3-4

    [ January 05, 2005: Message edited by: Sam Zou ]
    15 years ago

    Is it possible for ant to get a filename , parsing it
    and get a substring of that filename for using it ??

    15 years ago

    I'm trying to create a tar file with ant but I want ant to
    name it to a very specific filename :

    where Y = year, M = month, D = day, H = hour , M = minute

    Basically it is the time and date where that file was created.

    Is there a way to create such a filename with ant ?

    15 years ago

    between these 3 IDE, which one generaly speaking is the best ?
    In term of ease of use, functionnalities, configurable, easy to integrate within an existing project (easily set up a project for an existing j2ee project for example), ease of use with ant , etc ...

    I just downloaded these 3 and it is hard to see the interesting difference ...

    Thanks a lot
    By looking at the ECPerf result (, for Weblogic(37791.00BBops/min) and websphere (44294.97BBops/min), Can we conclude that Websphere has a better EJB performance comparing ti Weblogic. ??

    16 years ago
    By looking at the ECPerf result (, for Weblogic(37791.00BBops/min) and websphere (44294.97BBops/min), Can we conclude that Websphere has a better EJB performance comparing ti Weblogic. ??

    16 years ago