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Recent posts by Pt Thomas

I will say that I'm more determined than ever to give the exam another shot. It helps to get encouragement on here. I urge us all to continue to help each other get past this bastard of an exam.  A few more insight into my experience:

The timing of the exam was a big issue for me. The stress of the exam is a HUGE factor when it comes to answering the questions in a timely manner and is not to be underestimated. Especially for the second half of the exam as the time is winding down. The stress of the timer going down will impair your ability to apply your knowledge at your best ability. I recommend you turn off the timer unless you really need to check it (you have the option to turn on and off the timer w/e you want).

Another piece of advice I can give is, when you are going through mock exam questions to focus on understanding what exactly the question is asking in a quick manner. A lot of times, glancing at the answer choices will also help in understanding what the question is asking so always do this too.

3d arrays killed me. That was a weak area for me, but this is more of a personal issue and something I need to work on for the next exam.

Hopefully these tips help. Lets keep the convo going. This is helpful.

I feel compelled to write this to everyone out there going for a java oca exam. I just got back from the test center after taking the oca for the first time. Failed it with a 44%.

I felt fully prepared to pass this exam going into it. Been studying for this exam for over a year, read/studied through JEanne and Scotts book twice, studied with the enthuware exams, and also went through the Practice Tests book from Scott and Jeanne (where my scores were all above 70% on the first run through.

Do not be fooled by anyone saying that this exam is easier than the enthuware practice tests. That is 100% false. This exam will try to trick you in anyway possible and tries to be hard exam. It doesn't let up.

When you schedule your exam make sure that you know this shit like the back of your hand or else you will fail. I'm not going to let it get me down though. I'm going to get better and my skill set and retake this SOB. Hopefully you guys will pass it first round, though. Good luck, everyone!

- Philip

I'm close to scheduling my exam and trying to decide if I should take the exam from home. I have all the necessary equipment and a good space but I was wondering if anyone would advice against it for whatever reason. Also, I wasn't able to get information about how the scheduling works. Can you pick any day of the week to take an exam from home? What days/times are they usually scheduled for? How far in advance do you need to schedule?
Thanks for the quick response. I saw this right as I started a mock exam. Almost turned off the "show correct number of answer options"! Kept it on baby!
As on the Enthuware mock exams, does the real exam also display how many options must be selected for the answer? For example, for an individual question it would say something like, "You must select 3 options"
Thanks for your assistance!
I've seen a few people on here say that the mock exams are a bit harder than the real exam but I was hoping to get some more clarification. What you recommend scoring on a mock exam before scheduling the real thing? Thanks a lot!
Going through the mock exams in Enthuware, the subject topic of each question is listed at the top of the question. For example, a question about Lambda's will say "Lambda Expressions" at the top of the question. Will this also be the case for the real exam? Thank you!
Hey everyone,

This is my first post on here but I've already read a few threads about preparing and got some really good advice.

I'm on my final stretch for preparing for the exam. I plan to take it next Friday. So far, I've gone through Jeanne's book twice (second time was more of a skim). I will be taking my first mock exam right after I finish typing this. I plan to reassess my knowledge from that exam and cram study for the next week as well as continue to take the mock exams. I'm feeling confident but I know there are some areas that I don't feel comfortable with such as Lambda's and most of the rules throughout Ch. 5. I'm still hoping I will be ready by next Friday.

Any last minute prep advice from you all?