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Recent posts by Munyaradzi Matindike

Stephan van Hulst wrote:If you have Java 9+ installed and your environment variables configured properly, you can run jshell from your command line. From there you can enter the application as given, and it will spit out the answer.

the answer is that it produces a infinite loop i need a brief explanation of how it is so ?

Stephan van Hulst wrote:What do you mean by "dry run"? This phrase is usually used for commands that have side effects that change system state. The application you posted doesn't change any state, so the phrase "dry run" is meaningless.

Do you know how to compile and run Java applications? Are you familiar with jshell?

i have rephrased the question thanks for the correction.
Please help, What is the output ?

Pt Thomas wrote:I'm close to scheduling my exam and trying to decide if I should take the exam from home. I have all the necessary equipment and a good space but I was wondering if anyone would advice against it for whatever reason. Also, I wasn't able to get information about how the scheduling works. Can you pick any day of the week to take an exam from home? What days/times are they usually scheduled for? How far in advance do you need to schedule?

I`m against taking the exam online , because they are tighter restrictions for instance you have no privileges' of using the whiteboard for small calculations and your face should be straight  up facing the webcam which i find  personally to be uncomfortable.

Liutauras Vilda wrote:Please quote the source so it could be double checked.

How did you verify your claim?


public class Munyaradzi{

long java;

public static void main(){

Munyaradzi mun=new Munyaradzi();;



If i run the default value of long on the JVM the default value is 0 but the textbook says 0L. PLEASE can anyone help with clarity ?