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Recent posts by Serge Adzinets

Hi all,

I have an EJB project in WSAD 5.1. When I try to create a client ejb jar file, the project is divided into 2 parts - one for the interfaces, another for implementation. Is there any way to avoid this, i.e. just to export the client ejb jar without modifying the EJB project?

18 years ago
Yeah Jeanne, this could be a workaround, but doesn't work if you have classes that extend Assert, not my base test case. I have a helper class like this. Anyway, it's not a big problem to change it.
[ April 21, 2005: Message edited by: Serge Adzinets ]
18 years ago
Hi all,

I've recently found that equals() is not overriden for the array type, it's inherited from Object. Is there a good reason for this? Why not to override it doing the same as Arrays.equals()?

I use JUnit's assertEquals() method, and it's not overloaded for array types, so assertEquals(Object, Object) is used, and of course it doesn't work properly.

18 years ago

Originally posted by Smriti Katyal:
Hi guys,
I have begun my java career few months back and gave my SCJP...I want to learn Oracle..just the basics as my aim is to become a Java developer who is reasonably good with databases. I want to give an Oracle cert that will help me become pro-effcient with the Oracle Database. Is the OCA exam suitable for me? I have very limited knowledge about the certs offered by Oracle so kindly advice me keeping in view that i do not intend to be a DBA but only need to prove my efficiency with databases.

Thanks and reagrds,


You can go with DBA OCA, but it's a kind of certification for DBAs. There's a Dev track as well, read here:
You may want to earn the Oracle9i PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate (OCA) if you work with SQL and PL/SQL.
Congrats! Great score for such short preparation.
Hi Hari,

Tried to parse the file with Xerces and got an error
I was in doubt because "XML Professional" doesn't mention this important detail.

Got a question in a mock exam, if this document is valid. The answer was no, because though an element was declared with ANY content, it could contain only declared elements. I guess this is wrong. Any thoughts?

There is no "correct" prefix, you can use any XML string you like as a namespace prefix.
Good job, Chuck!

Thanks for your feedback.

Originally posted by Nicholas Cheung:
Will you go for 1z1-043 as well?

I think no, as it requires a hands-on course.
Has anybody got the simulator? I sent the e-mail but received no feedback so far.

Originally posted by Nicholas Cheung:

Oracle10g developer beta might come out after OCP 10g DBA. Thus, we might go for the beta exam together.


Hmm, why not?
Congrats, Nick!

How do you like the test comparing to 9i one?
According to objectives, it's mostly about administration, not about SQL, PL/SQL... I think I'll look at Oracle 9i PL/SQL Developer certification.
Wow! Good news!

Thank you, Dirk!
Hi, Nick,

what is WSBCC? Winston-Salem Black Chamber of Commerce?