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yes, for each question they show how many answers are correct.
But watch out and read the question carefully. Sometimes they want
to state which answers are wrong !

Hello every body,

I can't believe that I passed SECA-1.... but it's true.

here is my score : 93%

concepts ------------------- 100%
common architectures-------- 100%
Legacy Conectivity---------- 60%
EJB------------------------- 100%
EJB Container model--------- 100%
Protocols------------------- 100%
Applicability of J2EE------- 100%
Design Patterns------------- 100%
Messaging------------------- 100%
I18N------------------------ 50%
Security-------------------- 100%

Thanks for every one in this group. I really appreciate everyone's contribution.

heading towards part - 2

I found in this Forum a point to learn about Security and what is allowed for untrusted Applets in Browser. I can say - learn it !

I used for the preparation :

Head First Design Patterns
Martin Folwer - UML
Study guide by Cade
And the Various study guides mentioned in SCEA secion header.

Thanks for every one in this group.

Congrats Vinay,

but about Security - maybe you can point us to some specials to learn.
I went through a lot of Mock with different results...

And funny as it is, at the Moment i took a mock-test from
JavaQueries and there is
exactly the same Question. But the correct answer there is the

But i agree with this, and your opinion.

Why only 2 years ?
If i passed SCJP 1.4 then i'm good for Java 1.4 (and all version before). If you make a new exam, why not call them also with the actual Java Version (maybe 1.5 or 1.6 ) So its easier for Sun and us...... or ?
But how important is the percentage ?
if i succeed with 60% - who knows that ?
Is it written on the certificate ?
(Candidate for the 12th ;-) )
Sorry, a little correction :
The initial capacity of StringBuffer is 16.
You initialize the StringBuffer with a String( "12345"). So the capacity of StringBuffer is 16 + 5 = 21.
Thanx Vivek, i'd overseen this could. But is it correct to say - what could happen - or not.
Mayba all can happen - it could also happen a OutOfMemoryException - or ? ;-)
Okay, but this gives me a feeling for the real exam..... ;-)
In Dans Mock-Exam about GC (Study Guide Chapter 8, Mock 1) is a problem about the correct answer.

Which of the following are true statements and which of the following could be a result of attempting to compile and run the program?
a. Prints: XY
b. Prints: YX
c. Prints: XXYY
d. Prints: YYXX
e. Nothing is printed.
f. There is no guarantee that the garbage collector will run.
g. Compiler Error.
h. Run Time Error.
i. None of the above.
Dan says answers a,b,e,f .
But, if answer f is correct (and i would say, thats the only correct answer) all other answers are incorrect - or ?

Originally posted by Dan Chisholm:

The Float wrapper is most likely to appear on the exam because it offers more opportunities for error due to the fact that floating point literals are of type double unless otherwise specified with the f or F suffix. A floating point literal such as 1.0 will cause a runtime error if passed to a Float constructor.

Sorry, Dan, but the Float-Wrapper has also a constructor for a double !
Look at Wrapper-Classes diagrams (Java 1.4.1)