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Recent posts by cairo fivez

Hi all,
I've with one application consist of servlets and jsp (hundred of files). I'm going to deploy this application on sun one and use sun one data source connection pooling.
The problem is that this apps open a connection in various places (jsp&servlet) but never close it. Is there any way that I can do to ask the connection pooling to close the connection. This is becase it's hard for me to manually close all open connection as there are many jsps and some of the servlet/classes couldn't be decompile (We're missing the source code)
Appreciate if someone could give an idea/hint on how to tacke this issue.
17 years ago
i would like to host a java servlet application. can someone suggest me the best environment configuration for this purposes?
right now i have in mind
RedHat 8.0
Apache Web Server (which version is better?)
Tomcat with coyote connector (again which version is most stable and work best with apache server?)
MySQL database
18 years ago
thanks for the reply.

you want to handle 200 concurrent users?

Yes, and maybe more.

How many hits do you want to handle in one hour?

Well, let say that I've more than 4000 user of my web application.
18 years ago
i've install a tomcat 4.1.12 on solaris. when i run a stress test using siege for my application, it seems like tomcat cannot handle more than 200 user. result for 300 concurrent user is about the same as 30 user.
is there is anything that can be made to optimize the performance of tomcat?
thanks in advance.
[ November 29, 2002: Message edited by: cairo fivez ]
18 years ago