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Recent posts by Chris Lightrich

Thank you all in this forum!
I uploaded the file on October, 30th 2002 and
took the exam the day after.
After several problems (Sun told me they could not
open the file - I uploaded again - they could still not open the file - so I sent it via email)
I am very satisfied now having made it :-)
By the way: I did the whole thing under Mac OS X 10.1 using my iBook 600.
Thank you all again,
19 years ago
I already resend it the first time they told me
about the corrupt file.
Now somebody from SUN offered me to send the
file via Email attachment.
I did that yesterday.
So let's see how long I have to wait for the result.
Hi forum,
I uploaded the my assignment on Oktober, 29th and took the test two days later. I am still waiting for my result...
Today I found the comment that my uploaded file was corrupt. As I received this message already two weeks ago, I'd like to know if anybody has the same problems?
I e-mailed the people at Sun two weeks ago when I saw the comment for the first time. They only told me about the successful upload.
Anybody else waiting for more than 5 weeks already?