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Recent posts by Stewart Griffin

I'm having a problem with a JTabbedPane I'm trying to implement.
Whenever I click on any part of the tabbed pane, the JSplitPane I have on the tab is resixing itself for some reason.
Anyone have a clue whats going on?

[ April 02, 2003: Message edited by: Stewart Griffin ]
21 years ago
Its ok,
I realised where the prob is.
I forgot to add the action listeners to the window.
I just added them in the class constructor.
21 years ago
Does anyone know how to keep a JWindow on top of the screen?
If I click any part of the screen the JWindow stays on top.
But if I click on any part of the JWindow, it disappears under the main JFrame, eventhough I dont implement any of the listeners.
Here's my code

Any ideas ppl?
21 years ago
Does anyone know how to extract all the files
from a jar file, from inside a running java program?
21 years ago
Yeah, what they're discussing sounds simular to my problem but most of there problems involve sun one, mine doesn't.
If worst comes to worst, and i cant solve it, i'll just have to make sure i dont try and close my application on demo day!!
21 years ago
A simple prog will work no problem.
Problems seem to arise with larger java progs.
I've discounted my own program as a source of the problem cause it's not only my program thats stalling.
Another possibility is that its my program thats has somehow corrupted the system, but i cant see how that could happen.
At this stage i think the only answer is to strip the comp and re-install windows 2000. At least i'll know for sure if it my application thats the prob or not.
It might be a bit drastic though.
I'll tell you about the outcome and maybe i'll have some answers in the near future!
21 years ago
Yeah I installed Service pack 3 about a week ago and it didn't seem to make any difference.
I'll try installing java 1.3.x but i might be using some methods that don't exist in 1.3, thus giving me a pile of errors and requiring a re-write.
The price i'll have to pay i guess.
21 years ago
Originally the call for the garbage collector wasn't there.
I was just trying something.
It obviously made no difference.
I really dont think its the java program because i've tried running other established java programs such as ArgoUML and that prog also causes the comp to crash when i close it.
I'm not sure what you are talking about when you mention finalisers?
21 years ago
I've tried viewing the task manager before and after i attempt to close the app.
It still doesnt give any clear indications as to what exactly is happening.
The stall occurs when i make any attempt to close the application. I use the following code when i'm closing the app......

At this stage i've run completely out of ideas.
21 years ago
I'm using Java 1.4.1 and the OS is Windows 2000
21 years ago
I have, what seems like a major problem.
My java program runs perfectly but when I attempt to close the frame the computer stalls indefinitely.
I thought there was something wrong with my program but it was happening with other java programs i got off the net.
I then thought it the JVM but i uninstalled it and then re-installed it and the same problems remained.
Has anyone ever experienced this or does anyone has any ideas?
21 years ago
Hey ppl,
I'm trying to store the structure of a tree.
Any ideas on the best way of achieving this?
21 years ago
Hey everyone,
I want to be able to parse a java file using java.
I was wondering does anyone have any experience with this, or does anyone have any advice before i start?
21 years ago
Sorry, i meant to say that i cant get it
to open a dialog box to choose the file.
Has anyone else experienced this with
the JFileChooser. I looked up the bug page
and i couldn't find that particular bug.
Maybe i missed it?
21 years ago
Does anyone know of any free XMI
packages on the web?
21 years ago