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Recent posts by grant meng

I was late for an hour for the exam because of my stupid watch stop working this morning. I was lucky they still let me take the test.
I am a PHP developer and have no any experience on JSP, Servlet. Start preparing this exam since the middle of last month, 2~4 hours each day. I used the manning's scwcd study guide. My average on the Jweb+ is 70s.
The question is eaier than I though. I have four questiones on design pattern, It is appears harder than the mock exam.
Could someone give me some suggestion on what I should do if I want to shift to a J2EE developer. Shall I take a weblogic certificate or websphere certificate exam? Which book is good for me if I do not have much hand on experience?
thank you all.
[ January 22, 2003: Message edited by: grant meng ]
19 years ago
hi :
I have got a question when I try to practice how to use getOutputStream in the following example. The question is where shall I put the file bart.gif. I tried several location such as /WEB-INF/classes , docment-root. It always complains to me "file not found". Any thoughts on that. Thank you.

public void doGet(HttpServletRequest req,
HttpServletResponse res)
throws ServletException, IOException
File f = new File("bart.gif");
byte[] bytearray = new byte[(int) f.length()];
FileInputStream is = new FileInputStream(f);;
OutputStream os = res.getOutputStream();
I am only interested in buy the JWeb+ exam simulator. How much you ask for that?
Thank you all and special thanks dan and marcus. I prepared about a month for this exam. I depend heavily on the resource in the internet and did not buy any study books.
There are a couple question on assertion. It is really easy. I found the garbage collection is quite tricky. I did pretty well on the other sections and only score 33% on the garbage collection. Well, it is time to move on.
19 years ago