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Can you please list the contents of the "Manning MEAP" book?

Is book aimed at a beginner level?

[Devaka: inserted the book name]
13 years ago
Ravish, I agree with you. Unfortunately I dont have that skill and I dont want that skill and I hate these pet dogs.
18 years ago
These pet dogs are also knows as A** KISSERS. Most of them I have seen are not good in work but they are good pet dogs.
18 years ago
According to this web pageweb 2.0 is Design Patterns and Business Models for the Next Generation of Software.
My mozilla is behaving in a different way. But IE first "inflates" and then resizes.

Originally posted by Ernest Friedman-Hill:
I don't understand what you're asking, and I don't imagine anyone else does, either. What's the question, exactly? When you mouse over the globe, the page changes color, and then a sort of rectangular thought balloon "inflates" coming out of the globe. Is that what it's supposed to do? Yes, of course.

How can you efectively use ajax in a webpage depends on the type of web application you developing.

To use or not to use depends on wat to need on that web page.

Please have a look at this web page.You may get an idea.

Originally posted by Biswamohan Routray:
Hi Ryan,

How we can effitively use Ajax in a web page ?



I don�t think developers are too lazy to learn new technology. A new technology means there is a learning curve. Also have to make sure that it works well. Can�t blindly adopt a new technology right? If developers are too lazy to learn a new technology then we all be sticking with mainframe?

Anyway One biggest limitation I am seeing with Ajax is browser dependent.
11% still have JS disabled browser according to w3.

Another is cross browser compatibility/

I am still doubtful regarding the performance.

Another question is regarding the security/
Anyway we will wait and see.

Originally posted by Eric Pascarello:
People's ignorance to the power and scalability of JavaScript.

I have read a lot of aricles on ajax and it seems that people that hate it probably still use document.all to do all of their JavaScript programming. You need to break from a traditional framework to implement it! Read Ajax articles on slashdot comments and you will see how people hate it! I think they are afraid of their jobs and too lazy to learn new technology!

I am sure Nate and Ryan have seen the same story.


[ November 15, 2005: Message edited by: Sunitha Raghu ]
I am still waiting for a reply for this question

Originally posted by thara nambiar:
I am just going through the example in this page. The example first loads and get it gets resize. Is that way it should? Curious minds want to know.

You can have a look at this web page

Originally posted by Mulyadi Kurniawan:
Hi Eric,

Like these guys, I am also clueless about AJAX. Is there an easy "Hellow World" example that we can take a look at? Is there an easy AJAX coding that we can try on our desktop?
Thanks in advance.

- Mulyadi

Javascript dependent.

Learning curve.
I cant think anything else!!!
I dont think its bad coding. Document.all is used in IE4. Other browsers
were not supporting this at that time.Now Mozilla supports this.

Originally posted by Eric Pascarello:
document.all is IE only and should not be used at all in any development!! IE supports document.getElementById which every browser supports.

document.all is a catch all in a web app since it was used to reference anything on the page and promoted bad coding. Trust me, I used it back in the NN4 and IE war days years ago!


But we cant use a simple javascript right? Document.all is needed is so many cases right?
I am just going through the example in this page. The example first loads and then resize. Is that way it should? Curious minds want to know.
[ November 15, 2005: Message edited by: thara nambiar ]
wow!! I cant wait. In my next project I will use ajax.

Originally posted by Kristin Stromberg:
Yes! My co-workers and I are now Ajax addicts. For example, I'm currently working on an app where the user has to enter a bunch of different records one at a time in a pop-up window. Saving the new record updates the list of records in the main window instantly, without having to refresh the whole screen. I don't think the user even realizes what is going on (and that's a good thing!).

One of my co-workers is using it to save changes to multiple records from a single page. All of us are re-thinking our current apps to see where we can apply Ajax to improve the user experience. One thing I have planned is a search feature that displays the number of records found as the user selects various search options. Hopefully, this will help avoid all those "0 records found" searches!

You have named second chapter as AJAX Design patterns matter. Can you please give some insight in that?

Thanks in advance