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I had the test on january 7 and the Galton website still dont say anything about it...
thanx Jim
sorry Trupti, the example wasnt good
I will try to find another one....
21 years ago

The use of the volatile keyword allows method one and method two to be executed concurrently, but guarantees that accesses to the shared value for i and j occur exactly as many times, and in exactly the same order, as they appear to occur during execution of the program text be each thread.
Therefore, method two never observes a value for j greater than that for i, because each update to i must be reflected in the shared value for i before the update to j occurs.
It is possible, however, that any given invocation of method two might observe a value for j that is much greater than the value observed for i, because method one might be executed many times between the moment when method two fetches the value of i and the moment when method two fetches the value of j.
more here
hhmm... I am not sure about the second paragraphe...I would have tought it is the other way around, that method two never observes a value for *i* greater than that for *j*...but this example comes from ibm's web site and they are probably right...ok, can anyone confirm all this?
[ January 07, 2003: Message edited by: Daniela Ch ]
21 years ago
Mark is talking about http://www.galton.com/~sun
but this site takes you to the one you have...
ppl do a gui on the server to be able to execute some code before it shuts down...
how do you stop your server?

...why did you do this?
do a search on "server gui"
I know Mark did...
xcopy d1 d2 /s copy all files and subdirectories in directory d1 to d2
xcopy d1 d2 /p ask for confirmation of each file before copying it from d1 to d2
got it from : http://kb.indiana.edu/data/aerh.html
In my assignment they asked for the public interface only...
but dont be lazy and javadoc everything...
Is your data a remote object?
why are you doing rmic Data?
Hi Adam,
how do you stop the server? I read that when you stop the server with system.exit() it closes the registry...
maybe you can try this?
I was thinking yes until I saw this on the web :
"RMI is not threadsafe, i.e. when working with threads you still need to take care of synchronization yourself. (for more see RMI specification
3.2 Thread Usage in Remote Method Invocations)"
here is what the link refers to :
"3.2 Thread Usage in Remote Method Invocations
A method dispatched by the RMI runtime to a remote object implementation may or may not execute in a separate thread. The RMI runtime makes no guarantees with respect to mapping remote object invocations to threads. Since remote method invocation on the same remote object may execute concurrently, a remote object implementation needs to make sure its implementation is thread-safe."
is it or no?