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Recent posts by Michael Hildner

Hello Shailesh,

Thanks for the reply, just needed to know what to look for, appreciate it.

Sorry about that, actually I wasn't sure where to post. If there is such an object in Java, it doesn't necessarily have to do with accessing a database, that is, you can build your own in-memory db in code, or read from a text/xml file/web service/whatever, not using drivers. That's why I posted in the beginner area.

Duh, that wasn't right. You're assigning msgString to a BufferedReader, but how is msgString declared? What's the compiler message? Should be a BufferedReader?
19 years ago
No guarantee in this reply, just re-learning Java, but it looks like your method should be returning a BufferedReader, yet you return a string. I guess you should be returning the BufferedReader instead.

Apologies if I'm wrong.

19 years ago
Newbie question, been a few years since I've touched Java. Does Java have any support for disconnected data? Like you could grab tables, say from a web service and store in an in-memory database, make changes and persist those changes back to the db?

Really looking for the equivilent of .NET's DataSet class.

I think that's a song, anyway.

It's been years since I've posted on this forum. Took another job that paid more a while ago, and I guess I'm a < expletive deleted >, 'cause I'll write in any programming language that someone will pay me for.

Now I find myself wanting to quit my job. I'm trying to set up the plan, and what language do I want? - Java, where did I go when I couldn't figure out the newbie questions (again)? Right here.

Thanks Java Ranch! Man, have things changed.

19 years ago
Please excuse this very general question, but I am trying my first drag and drop gui app and am quite lost.
I'm trying to enable this functionality where a JInternalFrame has JLabels, which in turn have images on them. I want the user to drag the image from one JInternalFrame to another.
One can think of the initial JInternalFrame as a garage, with many cars in it. I want to drag the car to one of multiple other JInternalFrames, which may be a house, car wash etc.
Hoping someone can point me in the right direction... links, books etc.
Many Thanks,
22 years ago
Dear William,
Thanks for the info. I think I'll try #1. Thanks again,
BTW, I was lucky enough to win one of your XML/JSP books. Thanks!
[This message has been edited by Michael Hildner (edited July 05, 2001).]
For years I have used a simple technique to transfer data between applications. One application appends a pipe-delimited string to a file, one line is one record. The file name and data structure are well-known.
On the other end, the importing application attempts to rename this well-known file name to a new name, then acts on the contents.
In this way, the exporting app can open a text file in append mode whenever it needs to write, and the importing app only does something when the file is successfully renamed (i.e. not open by the exporting app).
Usually this data transfer is between my app and a competitor's app, so the data structure is always a source of trouble. I'd love to have a 'contract' - a dtd.
Guess what I'm wondering is how do I accomplish something similar with well-formed xml? If the exporting app just appends, there can never be an open/close document tag, and the xml is illegal.
Just fishing for ideas, any input is appreciated.
Maybe you might post your actual error (verbatim)?
Wondering where this error is coming from. The .bat file? or java?
I was looking at database drivers recently, noticed that there are ODBC to XML drivers, also ODBC to text drivers. Wondering if there is a JDBC to XML driver. Might be useful for a small database.
Dear JiaPei,
The weblogic.log is located on the server.
In my intallation, they are in the 'logs'
directory, on the same level as
my 'applications' directory.
Sorry, should have included this information
in our last converstion. For reference (good
or bad), this is my email reply to your
previous post:

[This message has been edited by Michael Hildner (edited May 21, 2001).]
23 years ago
There's a bunch out there, goto http://industry.java.sun.com/products/jdbc/drivers and pick the one you want.
23 years ago
Allright, I give up, you win.
Never argue with a bartender
23 years ago
You're absolutely correct, Cindy, yours is much more cool.
But the question was:

How do I look up the existing classpath from DOS?

So I'm more accurate
23 years ago