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Recent posts by Rick Portugal

To become an "Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate" are you required to take a course at "Oracle University" or can you self-study?

Also, it seems that to go from an OCA to an OCP you need to learn "Forms". That sucks. I don't care about Forms. Is Forms widely used? Do many people use Forms? Is Oracle using their certification program to promote Forms?

I am optimizing an application that uses Java 1.3 and log4j. Our config file says:

The %C displays the name of the caller class, and the %L displays the line number. I noticed that http://logging.apache.org/log4j/docs/api/org/apache/log4j/PatternLayout.html says that these options are "extremely slow". But I hesitate to remove them, because they do provide good information.

I wonder how other people have handled this. Is there some faster alternative to %C and %L that would provide similar information?

I have a form that has a pull-down menu. I am using the html:select tag and the html ptionsCollection tag for the pull-down menu.

There are many options and some of the options are pre-selected. Each time the user enters the form, he has to scroll through the list to tell which options are pre-selected. Is there any way to have the system automatically scroll down to the first pre-selected option?

Can that be done using some html:select option, or maybe native HTML?
In Eclipse, in the Java perspective, there is a very handy flashlight icon on the toolbar. Can I access that using keystrokes rather than clicking the flashlight?

Control/Shift/L shows my key mappings, but it shows "Search" as Alt+Shift+Q,S. Not exactly a sequence that I'm likely to remember, and it doesn't do the same thing that clicking the flashlight icon does.
I have always wanted to write a computer book. I think I may do it this year, but I'm not sure how to start.

What format should a manuscript be in? Do authors just start typing using plain ol' Microsoft Word?

What about screen dumps? Do they need to be any particular size? Can I just plunk them into a Word doc?

I have a lot of experience with relational databases and Java. What is a good untapped topic for a book? I'm thinking maybe some up-and-coming open source tool. Oracle and Java have been written to death. Even MySQL has been written about extensively already. I'd like to find some less popular niche topic.

I have been told that authors usually write a book proposal first before they write the book, but I don't want to do that. I don't think I'll make much money on this anyway, so I want to do things my own way. If nobody buys it maybe I'll go with a print-on-demand publisher like iUniverse. Does that make any sense?

Any other advice?
18 years ago
Let�s see... Pink is Ginger. Green is Maryanne. Plaid is Gilligan (hi little buddy!). Gray is the professor (on Quaaludes yes, but the professor nonetheless).

I'm going with Maryanne. Green.

The others were eliminated because they need haircuts. Blasted hippies!
18 years ago
Thanks. That's handy, but I still wish Eclipse could show me two rows of tabs rather than one. I was surprised that I couldn't just increase the size of the tab area by pulling it with my mouse pointer.
In the editor within Eclipse, I have several files open. I can move from one file to another by clicking the tabs at the top. Each tab displays the name of a file, and if I click that tab the file opens in the editor.

But there is only enough space for a few tabs. Any additional files that I have open can be accessed using a chevron menu that looks like this: >>

Is there any way to configure Eclipse such that it shows all my open files in tabs without resorting to the chevron menu?

Can I configure Eclipse to show me two rows of tabs rather than one?
In Eclipse, I have several Java files open. So in the editor there is one tab for each file that I have open. When I click one of those tabs, it brings up the file that I want to edit, but I expected the package explorer to also highlight that file. I know that I can right-click in the editor and then choose "Show in package explorer", but is there any way to get that behavior automatically? When I click on a tab to bring up a different file in the editor, is there any way for the package explorer to automatically highlight that file?
Vectors aren't used as much as they used to be. If you are just starting out, I wouldn't spend a lot of time learning about Vectors. ArrayList is more useful. I would start there if you have the choice.
18 years ago
Seems like overkill to me. java.lang contains all sorts of classes. It is not necessary to learn about SecurityManager and ThreadGroup if you just want to understand how to print something.
18 years ago
Here's one way:I don't imagine that many Java developers would know that one.
18 years ago
Hope that helps. trim() trims leading and trailing whitespace. You can see all of the methods (like trim) that String has by looking at http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.5.0/docs/api/java/lang/String.html . Good luck.
18 years ago
I'm reading about Collections at http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/collections/interfaces/set.html

I like the tutorial because it is updated for J2SE 5, including generics.

But I don't understand this syntax:The tutorial says this is a generic method that returns a Set of the same generic type as the one passed in. I don't understand what the first <E> in the method signature means. (public static <E>)

I would have thought the syntax would be:Without the first <E>. That, in my mind, would be a static method called removeDups that takes a Collection of type E, and returns a Set of type E.

What does "public static <E> Set<E> removeDups(Collection<E> c)" mean?
18 years ago
If JavaRanch did start a generics forum, I recommend calling it "forum" so that it would be really generic.
18 years ago