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A mock test question on J2EE Applicability:
"On XXXX site,people check the weather forecast. If the company can expect between 50-100 concurrent hits in to their site, which of the following Java based technologies may be best suited for their needs?
(a)Servlets and JSP for presentation with Java classes encapsulating all database access.
(b)Servlets and JSP for presentation and CMP Beans for retrieval.
(c)Servlets and JSP for presentation and Session Beans with DAO for retrieval.
(d) Applets for presentation and either Entity or Session Beans for retrieval.
(e)servlets and JSP for presentation and BMP Beans for retrieval.
I answered (b), but the answer said it was (a).
I dont understand why Java Classes has to be used for encapsulating all d/b access ?
I think (b) is right since EJB entity beans are used for concurrent d/b access, am I right ?
"Abstract Factory Pattern is to provide an interface for creating families of related Objects without specifying concrete classes"-GOF87
For easy understanding visit
for all creational patterns.
I came across certain mock tests where there was a common question regarding Connection of HTTP Protocol. Though HTTP 1.1 is connection based and HTTP 1.0 is connectionless, what if the question is asked about just HTTP, is it connectionless or connection based ? In other sense, for preparing PROTOCOLS objective, which HTTP version do SUN is stressing in SCEA?
EJB 1.1 spec says "In Serialization,transient fields are always set back to their initial values of their field types, but in EJB, transient fields are not necessarily set back to their initial values but can maintain their original values or an arbitrary value, after being activated" - Richard Monson-Haefel.
Does any one know, how this is acheieved in EJB ?
Thanks Sanjay, I think understanding design patterns would be much easier when we compare them with non IT related things, thanks once again !
But why cant we say EJBHome is an AbstractFactory pattern
Looking into Creational Patterns, any examples for Abstract Factory pattern and Factory Method pattern.
There is a topic about Protocols in SCEA.
Its really difficult to remember the default port number for numerous protocols.
Is there a way they are defined or where can I find more information in remembering port number for all those.