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Recent posts by Jaye Dunaway

So I've worked around this, I think. For the WSAD5.1.2 uninstall, I too deleted the installation directory and registry keys (as well as some remnant registry keys that referred to the installation directory.) Chunky, but effective.

As for the portal toolkit hanging around 16%, I noted that when the install tried to start the "server1" server, it was waiting for initialization status, but when I looked in install_dir/runtimes/portal_base_v5/logs/server1/SystemErr.log that there was a connect exception and a timeout exception. So when I did the installation again, I made sure that the machine was disconnected from the network and it went swimmingly. I suppose that there must be a strange network configuration on the site and that was somehow affecting it, but I won't pretend to know anything about it.

I still don't know why I can't uninstall WSAD5.1.1 or WSAD5.1.2 without manual intervention. Anyone?

20 years ago
I wanted to upgrade one of our development machines from WSAD 5.1.1 to 5.1.2, but when I removed the program, I received a NullPointerException in the GUI and a stack trace 11 that mentioned PureJavaProductServiceImpl. (I no longer have the stack trace, because some cowboy removed it manually and deleted the registry keys. I'm chopping off his fingers shortly.)

In any case, I found a workaround in the documentation that lets you install 5.1.2 without checking for old versions. I can't use it now, but FYI it's running setup.exe in the installation Disc 1 with the option "-W".

So eventually 5.1.2 was installed, and I attempted to install the Portal Toolkit, but it hangs after it starts the WAS server (about 16%) and gives a SocketConnect exception. I decided to try it again with a clean install of WSAD 5.1.2, but cannot uninstall that either!

Sorry this is so long, but has anyone come across any of this behavior? (WSAD uninstall issues or Portal Toolkit install freezing)

Thanks in advance!
Jaye x
20 years ago
I'm pretty sure these answers are correct (I got 93%... thanks again for your help):
Which of the following accurately describes the process of completely updating a project when moving a Java class from one package to another?
A. Dragging and dropping the class to the new package and choosing to update the references. Invoke Organize Imports to fix import statements.
B. Dragging and dropping the class to the new package and choosing to update the references.
C. Dragging and dropping the class to the new package, providing the name of the destination package and choosing to update the references.
D. Selecting Refactor->Move on the context menu of the class, providing the name of the destination package and choosing to update the references.
Select 2 answers.
A web developer uses the Page Designer Format -> Paragraph menu options to change the:
A. heading level only
B. heading text only
C. heading level and heading text
D. heading into another paragraph style
Select best answer
Congratulations! I have this exam tomorrow and I was about to post a request to help me with one of the answers, so thank you for posting this.
Thanks, Dirk. This has been very helpful in studying for 286 as well.
Are you asking how to use it with JDBC? I found this on their website.
21 years ago
The ServletInvokerPortlet serves up existing servlets as portlets. You could find it helpful.
JavaRanch is really informative for WSAD and WAS information, but the Portal Forum is a better bet for these specific questions (Is this against forum posting etiquette, I wonder?)
The WebSphere Portal Server Infocenter also has a lot of helpful information:
Good luck,
21 years ago
Hmmm, I don't know. I seem to have java and class files all over the place in my directory. Maybe if you delete the content under your war directory and run your application again? Sorry I can't be of more help.
21 years ago
or something along those lines should lead you to it.
21 years ago
Hi, there -
I'm having an _amazingly_ stupid problem with WPS. Using the admin GUI, I added a user to a group and then gave the group permission to see certain pages. I decided I didn't want the original group anymore, so I deleted it and went to change the user's permissions at the individual's level, but it retained the group's permissions! "Well, whatever, it's just one user," I thought, "I can delete her and add her back, and go from there, no issue." Not true!!
I've deleted her, restarted the server, added her back and she's STILL retained the (non-existent) group's permissions. I deleted her again, restarted the server, and checked the WPS DB and she was not there. I added her again and arrrrrggghh the same effing permissions!! Please help! I know that WPS is buggy with respect to user maintenance, but this is ridiculous
21 years ago
Hi, there,
The reason that putting html in the htdocs directory is that the HTTP Server is serving your home pages instead of the Portal Server serving them through HTTP. You won't find the directory wps/portal anywhere on your hard drive because it is a base URI configuration that is set during the install and it's virtual. If you just let it default, then WPS sets it up for you in the directory that you've been trying to find, so I don't think that's the root of your problem.
This is a really difficult product to install. To make it run successfully on my machine, I had to install it, uninstall it, reinstall Windows 2000 and start from scratch. Hopefully this won't be the case with you.
A few suggestions:
If you didn't use the default id and password (wpsadmin), go back and reinstall using these.
Make sure that DB2 has the correct fixpack installed and that you can connect to the WPS40 DB.
If you're using Single Server Edition of WAS, make sure that you start the server with the correct configuration file (portal-cfg.xml I think).
Regenerate the WebSphere plugin in WAS on the node associated with your host.
Most of the install went through, I'm guessing from your post, so if you haven't read the 'Troubleshooting' Section in the InfoCenter, it might behoove you to do so to see if you've missed anything (although this section is about 10 times too short!)
21 years ago
Hi, I think the latest version of the Portal API is 2.2, because it's referenced in IBM's Deprecated List - - and you can access the more recent API from that link as well.
The other place that has decent documentation for Portlet Development is in the InfoCenter for the enable version -, Developing Portlets. I don't know how it differs from the guide you use, but enable is the level from which the certification exam derives, so it certainly couldn't hurt. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, but the IBM site is a nightmare for finding for documentation, as you probably know.
21 years ago