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Recent posts by Milan Romasini

Andrew's got the point and I agree with him.
And we defintelly need more mock questions.
Thanks, Milan
It's a good question.
At the moment I'm thinking to go through certification and do the upgrade when it is avaiable.. I prefer that to sit and wait option and I'm not interested in doing some other certs..
But it's different choice for everyone.
I think the main problem is lack off official information - when the new exam will be avaiable, what will be changes and what is upgrade going to be like.
Were these information avaiable, one could adjust his plans
Thanks for replies. Guess I'll have to change my plans...
I wonder if anyone has idea (better - official information) what is going on with SCEA exam?
Since Sun announced beta exam, I guess that after beta a 'new official' will be out. Does anyone have a clue weather that will be new Exam (new exam number, new title - like scea 1.4) or Sun will only change exam objectives in current exam?
I'm in the middle of process right now. I'm worried that I'll have to upgrade, if I pass existing exam before the new one is out?
Thanks, Milan
Corey, Dan,
thanks for replies - it's helpful
does anyone know if method
interrupt() of Thread class is an exam objective? Or in other words - are there any questions on exam where this method is invoked?
I'm asking this since in Sierra/Bates book there is nothing explicitly on using this method, and I've found questions in number of mock exams.
Thanks, Milan
Hi Kathy,
can you please expand on this - as I understand SCWCD is rather young exam, and new specification of (some) things exam cover, is going to be out in next several months.
Does this mean SCWCD is going to change? In which way? Offical objectives will change? Introducing new version of SCWCD?
The reason I'm asking is that my plan is (was?) to start styding SCWCD in next several weeks and do the exam in summer. I might wait for the exam change if there is going to be one in such near future.
Or in other words - how is specification change going to reflect on SCWCD?
Many thanks,

Originally posted by Kathy Sierra:

1) ...SCWCD is new...
Bert and I and someone else who co-wrote the SCWCD are writing a certification study guide for SCWCD, for O'Reilly.
Won't be out until next fall, though, as we're waiting for the new specs to be finalized (which will probably happen at JavaOne in the summer).

21 years ago
After the first invocation, with One.getInstance(), _instance is not null anymore. The first invocation will create an instance of One object and store its reference in _instance.
I think it's not garbage collected because it has static member and this member can be referenced with One.getInstance()
I understand posts so far.
I'd like to ask how does garbage collection work in a similar situation?
Lets say we have code:
public class One {
protected One() {
static private One _instance = null;
static public One instance() {
if(null == _instance) {
_instance = new One();
return _instance;
How can an unique instance of this class be 'reused'? Won't it be garbage collected just after the first invocation?

Thanks, Milan