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I want to setup a simple loginprocess in bpel using WS 5.0.1.
I have already set up some examples taken from the documentation. The difference between the examples and my process is, that I am using my own objects and not Strings.
The loginprocess is deployed without errors and the server starts up clean. But when starting my testclient, a ConnectException: read timeout is thrown.
Any advices, or questions about my process?

Greetings Franz
19 years ago
To prevent Tomcat from closing the startupscreen, open a dos-box and enter the startup-command manually. It looks like:

(copy it from the properties of the Tomcat-startbutton)
Now you can see your errors..
HTH Franz
21 years ago
There are several mechanisms which allows you to avoid the restart of tomcat.
The easiest way is, to use WebARchive files.
for the docs.
Franz Degenhardt
21 years ago
I have created a keystore using keytool.
I have tried managing a keystore through the API and was able to generate key pairs and store them. (using setCertificateEntry(), setKeyEntry() etc.) However, I cannot retrive them with getKey().
Calling the method throws the exception
" DER input, Integer tag
Someone knows how to interpret this error?
Franz Degenhardt
21 years ago
Whats your problem? To store, or to create those Strings?
An easy way for storing is to serialize the Vector containing the Strings through an ObjectOutputStream.
To create the Strings you have to invent some nested loops.
21 years ago
No, you dont need to build packages.
But the rootfolder of your classes needed by your servlet is your applikation-folder, examples/ in your case.
But I would erase the example context an try to define your own context-element in server.xml.
HTH Franz Degenhardt
21 years ago
Search the web for: DailyRollingFileAppender
or look into:
HTH Franz Degenhardt
Well, even with your file, I got still the same error:
Reference to undeclared namespacepr�fix: 'log4j'. line 3, position 1
<log4j:configuration xmlns:log4j=''>
Are you able to open your file in a browser without errors?
Franz Degenhardt
I made that sure. I downloaded an aktuell version, too. Same error as described above.
My configuration is working properly, but there is still the bug, that I cant view the config.xml in a browser like IE6.
Do you have a working config-file with a correct doctype-statement? I would be interressted.
Franz Degenhardt
Hello! Thanks for your answer.
It is atm. Otherwise I got: "cant find resource log4j.dtd"
I found several config-files in the internet, but those which produces no errors have the doctype statement missing. If I leave it out too, it works correkt. But thats not what I want, as you can imagine.
Franz Degenhardt
Hi Folks!
I visited nearly every google result for log4j! I found several example config files. All produces the same error as above. The few that works doesnt implement the log4j.dtd, so no wonder that all works. I looked over the dtd too. All seams to be ok. So what is it? There are about 20 Mirrors off the log4j-api. All with broken links to examples!
Any other suggestions to get a working xml-config file including the dtd?
Franz Degenhardt
This is my log4jproperties.xml:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<!DOCTYPE log4j:configuration SYSTEM "log4j.dtd">
<log4j:configuration xmlns:log4j='' >
The logging works, but when I open the xml-file in IE6 I get the following error:
Reference to undeclared Namespace-Pr�fix: 'log4j'. line 3, column 1
I try several example files, but all produces the same error. I changed the log4j.dtd too.
Any Suggestions?
mfg Franz Degenhardt