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Basically what seems to be happening:
Start at: ServletA - session1 created
Uses the RequestDispatcher forward to go to: ServletB - uses session1
In ServletB there is an exception thrown by my application MyAppException.
This is handled by an error page defined in web.xml, Error.jsp - the error page uses session1
Error.jsp has a link <a href="ServletB">
Follow this link...
ServletB has no session. So in ServletB the code:

creates a new session and

leads to a NullPointerException.
18 years ago
I have an application that I have been running under Tomcat 4.0.6. In some JSPs I have regular HTML anchor tags which call servlets in another part of the application < a href="ServletName?oper=add"... In Tomcat 4.0.6 these links work fine and the session persists with these calls.
When I tried the application on a newer version of Tomcat 4.1.24 or 5.0.12 I 'lose'(for lack of a better term) the session when I use this link. I was just curious about this change, if it was a problem with 4.0.6 or the newer versions, and why.
Or, have I missed something in my web.xml or server.xml?
My context in server.xml is pretty much the default, and my web.xml is really just servlets and their mappings.
I have left the Session manager with the default settings and also tried the PersistentManager settings, to no avail.
Thank you.
18 years ago
Instead of just renaming to classes12.jar, I unzipped it first and then re-jarred it. I don't know if this could be the problem or not.
18 years ago
I have not worked with Tomcat offline but I saw this ( in this forum before.
Good luck.
18 years ago
I think you can set a 'reloadable' attribute as "true" for a given context in server.xml or for me it is easier to use Tomcat's administration tool and set this attribute. Anyway with this attribute set to true I don't think you need to restart.
Sorry if that is a bit vague but maybe it will be a start.
18 years ago

Does JBOSS need apache as web server or can it manage by itself?

JBoss comes with Jetty or with embedded Tomcat which you can use as webservers.

Can apache have servlet and jsp and be like a server by itself?

No, you will need Tomcat or another servlet/jsp container.
18 years ago
If you see the Tomcat page at http://localhost:8888 then Tomcat is running. Like William Brogden said, since you have Tomcat running as a service it is started when your system is rebooted. So is unsuccessful because Tomcat is already running.
The problems with your application ("page cannot be displayed" error) are a separate problem.
18 years ago
You can unzip the file and then jar it to get classes12.jar
18 years ago
I can't offer anything wise on this, but I just encountered the second of those warnings. I would only suggest checking your ejb-jar.xml file for errors and making sure it corresponds to the fields in your bean.
18 years ago
Sorry to open this up after you achieved 'consensus'.
The solution accepted was
1 + 1 / (2n * pi ) correct?
Is this the distance from the South Pole?
So the first 1 is the distance traveled north/south? But 1/(2n* pi) is the radius from the Earth's axis isn't it and not distance traveled from the South Pole?
Sorry I am still a bit confused I guess.
18 years ago
I'm not sure, but when you do the lookup with the context is it ... or without the leading slash before 'comp'?
Sorry I can't be more helpful.
Or there is a setclasspath.bat (or .sh) in the bin directory.
18 years ago
Hi N Val,
No, I didn't make any changes to catalina.bat. I think having JAVA_HOME set was the only thing I adjusted to first get it running.
18 years ago
I run catalina.bat instead of on WinXP.
And actually i didn't have to set CATALINA_HOME. For JAVA_HOME I created the new variable JAVA_HOME where you mentioned before, "control panel>system> environmant", instead of adding to the 'path' variable.
Hope that helps.
[ March 07, 2003: Message edited by: Dave Jochim ]
18 years ago