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HI all,
I'm trying to compile EJB files by using weblogic.ejbc in Weblogic 6.1. But it is not compileing and following exception is throwing..
"Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: weblogic/ejbc"
I gave correct weblogicClassPath and it contains weblogic.jar whereas buildClassPath points to the dir where the classes of the entire project live (I'm using the same classpath in my javac task).
any thougths ?
18 years ago
While using "deployTool" I got error message "The class javaexample.j2ee.converHome) could not be loaded please consult online help for assistance in setting up the class root directory and choosing class files." on step g of the following. EJB JAR Dialog Box: a. In the combo box labelled "Enterprise Bean will go in," select ConverterApp. b. In the JAR Display Name field enter ConverterJAR. Representing the EJB .jar file that contains the bean, this name will be displayed in the tree view. c. Click the Add button next to the Contents text area. d. In the Add Contents to JAR dialog box, choose the directory containing the .class files. (This directory is $J2EE_HOME/doc/guides/ejb/examples/converter, where $J2EE_HOME is the location of your J2EE SDK installation.) You may either type the directory name in the Root Directory field or locate it by clicking Browse. e. Select each of the following classes from the text area and click Add: Converter.class, ConverterEJB.class, and ConverterHome.class. f. Click OK. g. Click Next..
How can we nevigate in jTree and make defualt selection of specific node?How can I make folderB.2 as jtree default selection.One thing more how can we add/delete node using jtree tree model dynamicaly.any example?

19 years ago
Hi bozeman,
Got it.Thanx.
Hi Jeban
Thanx for reply.One thing more how we distinguish that equals() overide or not.
class test{
public static void main(String arg[]){
ice ob=new ice("5");
ice oc=new ice("5");
System.out.println(ob.equals(oc)); //1
Integer i=new Integer(5);
Integer j=new Integer(5);
System.out.println(i.equals(j)); //2
class ice{
ice(String s){
//1 : printout false
//2 : printout true
Why equals operator behaves differently. I know that the reference of ice object is different.Why it didn�t compare the content of ice object? And why it compare the content of Integer object?