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Recent posts by Jasper Vader

maybe there is a workplace equality issue going on or something.
19 years ago
i reckon i will check in to the java cert forum anyway just to see if i can help out with answering questions too.
hey Bert - when you helped me out with the whole idea of G.C., well, that seemed to help me with a few different things about Java - instance variables, reference types, and of course G.C. understanding that little session really broke through a few barriers for me. thanks. and of course to you and Kathy for writing the book!
i am thinking about making an electronic recording - "Music to study Java by".
so now i am hoping that a friend can get me a position over in ireland - just depends on when the company can get enough work to justify hiring a graduate (or near-graduate). once the world situation settles down i think the economic climate will get better.
19 years ago
thanks everyone! i am still rather happy about the result.
bert - yes, i am antipodean at the present time. and i reckon i'll be around javaranch a bit, as i have just commenced a java unit at uni (hehe funny isnt it, do the java cert first and THEN actually study it formally).
19 years ago
thanks javaranch, thanks kathy/bert book (and to a lesser extent the roberts/heller book), thanks Dan Chisolm exams, thanks, thanks
cool stuff. stoked. did the exam today. got home and drank some cheap white wine and only just avoided a headache from it. only expensive white wine in the future.
man, what a good thing, i havent programmed since i was 15. got a good result. it ain't everything, but it's a start. a part.
tests are cool
19 years ago
Aha, so you would have been using Reason 1, which i am on. It's fun, simple, although the new Reason 2.5 looks totally scrumptious (if that's an appropriate term), with the vocoder, and spider CV, and Unison ... very exciting.
Been using Artmatic Pro to create cosmic space animations at dv quality to make a video for a Reason-based track. lots of fun!
anyway, i did the master exam 2, and got 74 percent, which really ain't that bad considering the last computer i programmed was an amiga 1000 15 years ago. .... going to do the third mock exam today (the downloaded one)... hoping to get a slightly better score, as the exam is monday (tomorrow).
thanks Mohammed!
i guess the reason for that is that polymorphism only applies to overridden methods - it does not apply to overloaded methods?
[ March 08, 2003: Message edited by: Jasper Vader ]
so...the only reason for the explicit cast is because... um, well, i guess, maybe it isn't required? No, it probably is, because although base refers to an obj of type Sub, the actual reference variable is of type Base?
ah yes, i see, thankyou!
btw - thanks again for your exams, they make me think, very helpful for learning.
i think China controls a lot of supply routes to NorthKorea. they have a lot of power over them. if only they were as willing to exert their force in North Korea as they were in Tibet - except North Korea does not have as prevalent a none-violent religion, such as the Tibetans do. And the NorthKorean army's size is Twelve Million personnel.
But something must be done, and soon, by China - before America blunders into yet more aggressive posturing and escalates the situation.
by 'escalate the situation' - i mean that China MUST be involved in the talks and decisions regarding NorthKorea - as the borders are just a few hundred kilometres apart. SERIOUSLY. If China is snubbed, and tensions escalate, it may be forced into supporting North Korea, a position it would not wish to be in, but may very well take, if forced to.

and by "aggressive posturing", i refer to things like Bush naming North Korea as being part of an axis of evil, to which North Korea's leader replied that George Bush has a foul tongue. Not to suggest that North Korea is not a rather aggressive regime that prefers to deal with others via techniques such as blackmail.
[ March 07, 2003: Message edited by: Jasper Vader ]
19 years ago
can't remember... i started making music with Reason half way through. But i am going to do the second master exam properly today, as i have the proper Java cert exam on Monday.
it's true that China must play an important part in bringing North Korea to some sort of order. Australia has a rather paltry amount of influence.
arming Japan to the teeth with nuclear weapons etc etc is one of the most insane suggestions i have heard of.
19 years ago

Originally posted by Sarma Lolla:

Sorry Boss. ...Compile time it is allowed but you get run time error.

aha, yes, thankyou JBoss!
i thought it might be that, compile fine, but runtime error.

Originally posted by Abadula Joshi:

Truly I didn't mean to offend you Jason. What I want to say to you is -- Please don't 100% trust the goverment, otherwise you may be fooled and disappointed.

I would like to second that rather wise advice. if one's conversation is filled with unwavering belief in one's own government, it is extremely hard for any acumen to be apparent and unlikely for any previously unthought-of views to be shown.
19 years ago
here is a following question from DanC...

What is the result of attempting to compile and run the above program?

the answer is that it compiles fine. In the explanation, Dan writes...
"Although line 12 appears to be the source of a compiler error it is not. In line 12, the reference named base actually refers to an object of type Sub. Therefore, the reference to the object may be cast to type Sub. "
Now, if base was actually an object of type Base, i thought it might stil be okay, as there is an explicit cast to the type of Sub?
[Dan added the UBB codes to format the code block.]
[ March 07, 2003: Message edited by: Dan Chisholm ] is the following Q
class D {
static {
boolean assertsEnabled = false;
assert assertsEnabled = true;
if (!assertsEnabled) {throw new RuntimeException();}
public static void main (String[] args) {}
possible answers are as follows:
Which statements are true?
a. If assertions are not enabled at run time it prints an error message.
b. If assertions are not enabled at run time it prints nothing.
c. With assertions enabled it prints an error message.
d. With assertions enabled it prints nothing.
e. The assert statement is being used to check a class invariant--something that must be true about each instance of the class.
f. The assert statement is being used to prevent the class from being initialized if assertions are disabled.
g. The assert statement is being used to check a postcondition--something that must be true when the method completes successfully.
h. A compiler error is generated.
i. None of the above.
the answer is a,d,f. I don't have a problem with that.
i just wonder what the compiler thinks of assert being there, if assertions are disabled - does it not stress out about the syntax?