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Recent posts by Deep Arora

This is what I would do in this situation.

1) take the thread dump and analyze if too many threads are locked at the same location in code.
2) Set Xms 7 XMX setting to the same
3) Tune the App Server JVM garbage collector againhen it depends which JVM U are using if it is weblogic jrockit then consult the BEA website or else just follow usual young / old generation heap size, my experience with our application is that setting young generation to the 25% of total heap and setting the survivor ratio to 7 helps improving the application performance.
17 years ago
I share the same opinion here. Even though I had no plans to appear for the exam I bought namming - I and I loved it. unfortunately I lost it , after 2 year when I am considering to buy the same bok again I am hearing from everyone here that HSFJ might be better option. I am buying both one for sentimental reson (manning since I owned it and read it once) and HSFJ b'z it is darling of so many ranchers I just cant ignotre it. All I am saying it I wouldnt sell the book I has read I dont know about other people but I believe that there are many people who would share the idea.
Let me share my experience with you guys. I just refused an offer in NY city paying well above 25-30K than the offer I have accepted and the prime diffrence being the work / technology / travel.

The question is if you do not like what you are doing you wont enjoy doing after sometime and your lack of interest may be evident by then. I mean if you dont like doing it just dont do it at all. It's not like 2002 when jobs are hard to get and man when we have our day why not enjoy and capitalize on it. I mean who knows market may fall off in another year or two and we are forced to take an rather conservative path.

My take on this is since we can afford to do so now be choosy in life what you want.
18 years ago

Why this was a news because on average H1-B even with good experience while departing from here rarely gets more than 65K.I know one person with 6 years of moderate experience recently went to California on 50K in Bay area.He knew it might be tough to stay there but he was desperate to immigrate.

I Agree with you arjun but the key in that equation is 'Immigrate' and not '50K'. The business model of typical desi company (No offense Intended to anyone I am not accusing anyone of anything but discussing the business model) in USA is to convert Indian experience to US experience on resume and pay little for as long as possible. By the time candidate flee or demand for salary correction they start making increase in % like 10 / 15 etc.

Average salary in Ny city is around 90-100K and the Indian IIT's / IIM are still not among the highly paid graduates if compared to other top business school / Engineering schools in US or anywhere else in the world.

Since ndian's are really not paid that well at all (neither in India nor in US) we are inclined to snowball such news. I am not blaming anyone I am also culprit of the same story.
18 years ago

I like to stay in US for a longer term


U answered yourself isnt it. actually it depends on a lot of other things that are going on in your life e.g. family situation. If you are not overly concerned with job security and if you have already received approval my guess is come over.
18 years ago

That is not possible because
I am a man of principle so I want to earn my own money.
secondly no wealthy girl is ready to marry me.



Since no welthy girl is willing to marry you (b'z you $$$ is one of your motivation of marrige) hence you are a man of principle I am all confused here.

I am just kidding stop fuming, first of all I want to congratulate you on deciding a concrete goal within a time frame for yourself. You are also asking the right questions to yourself how to achive that. But if you are also clear why you need Rs 4 Cr in the last granularity you are more likely to achive your goal.

Some possible reasons why you want to rarn money could be

1) You want to contribute your family and friends to achieve there financial goals.
2) want to quit working for a trip around the globe or persue a foreign degree.
3) Financial freedom.
4) Want to be a person others can look forward in the time of distress or financial need.
5) Security.
6) want to learn and buy helicopter
7) persue sports hobbies e.g. sky diving, scuba diving, sking.

and the list can go on but the bottomline is if you are clear in your mind why you want to accumalate the welth you will find the ways.

OK enough of lecture one concrete advise once you land here in USA and have 2 paystub you can start looking for other projects in ny city or west coast. change the company and join some small body shopper. You can argue a bad career move from TCS to a body shopper but this will help you in saving may be 1.5 lacs a month (given that Rs does not appreciate significantly)

Just some thoughts
18 years ago
Jay Shin,

Thank you very much for your constructive(?) contribution for this thread. I do not believe I need any more advise from you and please let other people contribute to it.
18 years ago

Any evidence to support that claim?
I had a quick look through Jay's last 15 posts - I did not see any H1B or India bashing there!!

I have not seen any other post by Jay but I do not have any doubt left in my mind (as suggessted by Amitabh) that jay shin indeed is an indian basher. You dont need to post in any other thread you just need to follow this thread and you will know.
18 years ago
quote riginally posted by Jay Shin:
Sounds like your employer is a typical body shopper who abuses H-1B laws. Make a wise decision since you're an illegal alien.

I beg your pardon??? His post clearly states he's working and being paid, it's only once the contract ends that he's unsure as to what will happen. Glad to see you jump to conclusions so quickly.


Precise observation, I am very much on project and just considering what future looks like in a diffrent scenario.


18 years ago
Sounds like your employer is a typical body shopper who abuses H-1B laws.

Make a wise decision since you're an illegal alien. Your employer is most likely charge you for Green Card cost ($5,000 - $8,000).

One of the best ways to get a Green Card is through a permanent position in a large corporation. For example, if you're in NYC most of the prestigious investment banks (such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley) sponsor Green Card at their costs.

My employer is not a typical body shopper nor they are abusing any H1B lawas. On the contrary I can say that I am paid really well and always on the time. I have no real complain against them other than my appherenhsion that whether I should file my GC with them or not.

Some people that I know believe that 'if filing GC is one of the criteria then amercian staffing company is probabaly not the best bet' I just want to get the ranchers opinion on that before I commit myself to that.
18 years ago
Hello friends,

Right now I am in USA H1B visa for about 2 years. One reputed american company is holding my visa. I am working on hourly basis and I think now is the time to file my GC. Some of my friends are suggesting that filing a GC is a long term decision and I should be doing so only with desi company since they are flexible on various issues.

My project is coming to an end soon and I dont know what will be the response from my current american consulting company. I mean how they will maintain my status without paying me and whether should I start searching for a project on my own etc. What do I do with filing GC decision.

PLease echo your views if you have seen somebody in the same predicament.
18 years ago
Eric Lemaitre
you must have taken Luigi Auriemma's stating the wrong way, for he didn't use the right words for exposing his idea, so it looks like you reacted in a totally exagerated way ("Why you just cant digest the fact that Indian IT is leading the the sw Industry across the globe", a totally over-boasting statement to me).

If Luigi Auriemma's has not chosen the correct words for expressing his ideas then he would have responded so. I wouldnt assume ,interpretate & advocate some one else views based on what I think he is stating or Implied I dont know about other people.

Of course India has a huge pool of excellent IT pros (with only 20% of them really very good, as for any other country, but as they are very numerous this makes a huge number), but having good technical abilities is half of the job : the other half is using them for making leading market products, which India doesn't do.

well I am glad to hear that only 20% of Indian IT professional are good I hope you have simmilar estimates for chinease, USA and other countries as well. However I wouldnt think of this as any more than figment of Imagination or at best your personal views. We all are entitled to believe what we want to believe and close our eyes to reality. I would prefer to stay close to reality though.

because there is no commercial effort made in India to take advantage of the technical talent for Indian interests

If you watch Jim Cramer's 'Mad Money' show for say 2 weeks (I am assuming you are in USA) in a row you will know about companies called Infosys, Satyam Computers, TCS, Wipro and what 'India Focus' means.
18 years ago
We all are mature Individuals with diffrent aspirations and values. Somebody here is trying to Immigrate to other country but not sure which one is his best bet as far as IT jobs are concerned. I would rather focus on the concerns of the person who originated the thread.

My bet would be on UK if IT market is the criteria and Austrelia if I India like weather is my concern.

However I reiterate that US is the overall best however it does not have Immigration proggrame like other countries have. Canada has some horror stories from the skilled professionals, however you may have other rasons to consider that. One advantage of canada Immigration is once you are an canadian citizen you can live and work in USA like any other US green card holder.
18 years ago
Luigi Auriemma,

You can deny all the evidences although no one in his correct state of mind would do that. Why you just cant digest the fact that Indian IT is leading the the sw Industry across the globe .I would not hesitate in admitting that PRC is doing much better that India in manufactering sector and UK is the hub for forex market.

You can refuse to admit the obvious at your own peril but then people would question other things beside language constraints.

18 years ago
Well I agree that certification is not an replacement of experience but experience is also not an replacement of cerification either isnt it.

And I still do not understand this either or debate going on in various forums I why you cant have both experience can come only with time but believe me if you have certification and you are also gaining project experience, your approch towards any design deision or implementation will be much diffrent and most likley far superior than if you had not earned it.

I remember when I earned UML OOAD certification all of a sudden entire project life cycle start appearing to be entirely difrent you gain additional and impressive distinctions to perform the job hence the results are more likely than not to be better.

many can bake a cake but some really do much better than the rest , here we are trying to measure something like quality in terms of hard numbers e.g. salary hike, cert==years of experience I really question that yardstick with no offense intended to any one.
18 years ago