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Recent posts by Anurag Blore

Please do following and check:
1. In class AddAddressAction, Print exception in catch block in method execute.
2. In class AddressData , add a catch block in your method before finally.

Above will give you where the exception is. Also check the forward mapping again as on success it will go to next page but on failure is that handled?

Thank you
11 years ago

If its a credit card/customer information and some how if you modify the original log file then the original application log will be lost. If you duplicate the log file and use awk or something from unix to change the log file then still you will have issues as you will be duplicating the customer info. Can you check what is the log level in your app where you can setup some option to print only exceptions. If not then as everyone suggested you must change the code. This must have become an issue after some type of audit or compliance I guess.
14 years ago
Please add


on the run method to resolve the exception.

I guess in Thread their is no guaranty in what order threads will execute a piece of code.

Happy New Year 2010.

If you know the solution, please post here so If anyone else has same problem they can get the solution instead of spending time to solve the issue.

Ranchers please give some direction.Iam still not able to solve this. Thanks
15 years ago
Check these links also taken 10:55 AM IST.
15 years ago

Today morning when I logged in Javaranch I can see messages like 'Java Sucks' and some unacceptable languages while navigating the links. Is someone has hacked java ranch or its just a fool day flick?
15 years ago

I have deployed a jax-ws webservices in Jboss5 with jdk1.6. The webservices is deployed correctly. When I try to invoke the webservices I get this error:
I am not sure waht is the issue:
15 years ago

you can check the post here to handle the logs here
This will avoid the resource crunch and also set the log level to error.

In your case are you getting error for redelivered message again and again. Can you please re-implement something which I mentioned in this link to commit the message if it has failed in first time processing and failed due to application error.
Thanks Mark.

My question is not getting the reference of jars in deploy directory by the jars in the
jboss\lib\endorsed directory could be different issue.

May be some classloader issue , I am not sure.
15 years ago
Thanks Jeanne and Reza.

Jeanne, Do you have any link from where I can get more details about controlling the calls based on volume?


I am using jboss4.2 with jdk 1.6.

I am trying to deploy a webservices with JAX-WS, I created a war file and tried to deploy in
jboss\server\default\deploy folder and have placed all the jar files related to the webservices in the
endorsed directory

When I start the jboss it fails because one of the class which is inside a jar in jboss\lib\endorsed directory is not able to get the reference of servlet-api.jar (which is here jboss\server\default\deploy) and gives NoClassDefenitonFound error.

If I copy the servlet-api.jar inside the directory jboss\lib\endorsed the error disappears (NoClassDefenitonFound error) but doesn't find my .war file refernce.

My question is, is there a path settings which I need to do so the classes in the jboss\lib\endorsed directory can get refernce of classes in the deploy folder?
15 years ago

We have a method in our stateless EJB which query's our tables abd returns the result. We have designed the API thinking this should be one time call I mean user should call once this method in there flow.

Example: We are trying to get the history of work done by an Employee and I pass EmployeeID to get the detail

What is happening there are some systems which are using our API (the above method) and they are trying to call the method as a bulk query. Someone is using a for loop to get employee details for say 1000 employees and this is causing our System to hang.

My question is, Is there a way I can implement something so the calling system cannot call my API in a bulk query.

I would suggest you to check this here.
Jasper Forum
15 years ago