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Recent posts by Ram Kumar Subramaniam

Hey Siva,
Its 2010 now and I am curious to know if you made that career shift and let us know your experience.
11 years ago
My application is setup to access my application deployed on weblogic through iplanet webserver. The webserver acts as a proxy. All jsp's are server by the appserver. The following errors appear when the load is increased on the webserver.(given below)

I suspect it should be a problem with the plugin provided by BEA for the webserver.

Env :

[23/Jan/2006:15:21:57] failure (18812): for host trying to
GET /location/of/my/jsp/file.jsp, wl-proxy
reports: exception occurred for backend host '':
'READ_TIMEOUT [os error=0, line 199 of Reader.cpp]: no read after 300

I have the following links from bea, but it does not seem to be very clear or rather give an satisfying reasons for the same.

From BEAs customer support site
16 years ago
have a look at this comment on
ibm developerworks
you could configure a DataSource and use it to get a connection to connect to the database.
Try this one. Its a straight forward demo and instructions with screen shots.

17 years ago
I tried Michael Debro findings and it worked great for the case
a.) when both the appserver and the db are on the same machine.
b.) does not work when the app server and db is on different machines

Have tried different settings. Any idea on why the first option worked ?
I am trying to configure and use pointbase database with websphere application server 5.1. I have made the necessary configurations correctly, however I get the following error when trying to access the datasource.

Since the pointbase db works fine with Sun One app server, I am wondering how I should get this error.

java.sql.SQLException: JDBC 2.0 Core API Method not yet supported.
Some of my configuration parameters are
Classpath : D:\DatabaseDrivers\pbclient.jar
Implementation Classname : com.pointbase.xa.xaDataSource

Datasource Helper Classname : com.ibm.websphere.rsadapter.GenericDataStoreHelper

17 years ago
This is not a very quick solution, but hope the following might help


Search for the following text "Database Access using JDBC" and have a look at that section.

Faced a similar problem earlier in chinese with DB2, we use unicode as the database encoding and use UTF-8 as the charset in HTML/JSP pages. We made a setting on the websphere app server too to follow the client encoding or something.(Cant recall what exactly.)
17 years ago
That should be your call. However just keep in mind that the outer class's constructor would be called before the inner ones. So my suggestion would be to put in the outer class constuctor. The following should give you an idea.

17 years ago
One reason that comes to my mind on not using the sessions is the complexity in handling sessions in a distributed (or replicated) environment.

It would be great if you could you post other reasons for not using the session.
17 years ago
I'd like to give you some pointers. This should get your problems solved.

1.) Implement a toString method for your class
2.) Verify this part of your code - the getWeapons() method

[ February 12, 2005: Message edited by: Ram Kumar Subramaniam ]
17 years ago
I could think of a reason why Rani wants to do that. Well for starters he might have been instructed not to put them in the session as I was asked to. Well reason being, we could go up loading the session with a lot of data. A lot of users means the app servers maintaining a lot of data in Session. So if the app server fails because of this, it not only takes the current application offline but all the the other application installed on the server. So thats the main issue I think.
One could just suggest to upgrade the servers capacity. However if one can avoid the session, why not do it?
It could have saved us a lot of trouble to just use the session , however we implemented the hard way without using sessions
17 years ago
Have a look at the character encoding of the database. If the encoding of the database is cp850 and you are trying to store unicode data then you will have a problem.
17 years ago
How would it be possible to make a jar for deployment of only the new resources or modified resources like java classes etc. When run with the -v option all the files that are to be compiled are logged. This would real useful if someone could post the solution or is it a straight forward feature ?
[ November 19, 2004: Message edited by: Ram Kumar Subramaniam ]
17 years ago
Tried the same differently in a new project.

Although the javac task compiles completely with the -Xmaxerrors and displays x number of errors(more than 100), there are absolutly no class files generated.

Shouldnt the same compile and generate class files for valid classes ?
17 years ago