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Recent posts by Steve Chernyak

I don't believe these are error messages at all.

<Application Poller not started for production server.>

Means the application server was started in production mode and will not monitor the applications directory for changes in the deployed applications. In production mode you have to explicitly redeploy an application either from the console or the command line.

<system> <> <141030> <Starting discovery of Managed Server... This feature is on by default, you may turn this off by passing>

Means the server will attempt to find any managed servers that are defined to be in its domain. It also specifies what you need to do to turn this behavior off.
Hope this helps.
20 years ago
4. b,c,d,g,e,h

new Tester(). is the enclosing class and new InnerTester() is created within it;

I guess im not clear what "in the inclosing" class meant.
A private method can only be called from within the enclosing class right?
Does "from within" and "in the enclosing class" not mean the same thing?
Thanks for the questions.
20 years ago

Prints "Outer" so, d is correct.
Does Tester.InnerTester inner = new Tester().new InnerTester(); mean it was created outside of the enclosing class? That would make c false.
[ November 18, 2003: Message edited by: Steve Chernyak ]
20 years ago
Haven't seen the movie.
Question for those that saw both Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction: Does this movie resemble the pilot Mia Wallace was in?
20 years ago
Couple of suggestions:
1. You might want to consider packaging your application as an ear file. You can then package the castor jar and you ejb jar in the same ear file. Note: You will need to create a custom manifest file to package with you ejb jar.
2. If you still want to have the castor.jar on the classpath, make sure that the classpath settings are not overriden somewhere else in the startup script (I seem to remember that the startWeblogic script calls a setEnv script or something similar). You can do this by echoing the classpath to the console before calling the java command in the script.
I always try to use (1). The benefits are that different applications can use different versions of castor and your ejb application can be more easily deployed to different servers (It is more self contained).
20 years ago
I will have to do some performance testing to see if this is faster than using plain statements. I was hoping to send all of the sql to the database in one batch, but it might be faster to send multiple batches using PreparedStatements. I guess it will depend on wether it takes longer to send the data over the network or for the database to parse the sql.
What if you have different statements that need to be executed?
For example:
insert into parent (id, field) values (?, ?);
insert into child (parent_id, anotherField) values (?, ?);
I am able to get the batch to work with Statements, is there anyway to do this with PreparedSatements?

The term "Container-Managed Transactions" (CMT) is only applicable to CMP entity beans, not BMP entity beans, for the simple reason that the container does not know what the bean provider has been doing inside the BMP (for example, the BMP might make updates to two separate databases and the container has no way of knowing how it should declare transactions for these two operations as individuals and as a group).

Are you sure about that?
I thought that any transaction aware resource would participate in a container managed transaction.
For example: If your session bean doesn't use entity beans at all but jdo instead, if the connection used by jdo to access the database supports transactions any changes made to the database using that connection would be commited/rolledback depending on the success/failure of the container managed transaction.
Assuming that you configure the session bean with CMT.
Is this wrong?

So will Thinking in Java be the right book to start with?

YES. It is a REALLY good book.
Plus, you can try it before you buy it:
Variables declared inside a method are not shared between threads.

While you are doing stuff with session there is no way for another thread to use that session. The values get switched with the context when another thread runs.
This however would lead to promlems: (NEVER DO THIS)

Does that make more sense?
20 years ago
I don't have any experience with jikes. However, you can always configure ant to run as a seperate tool and invoke it that way (from eclipse).
This also makes it easier to use the version of ant you want, and not the one that ships with eclipse.
There still might be a way to do what you are looking for... I just don't know it
20 years ago
How can I do it?
To explain:
I modified .bash_profile in my home directory, added my jdk to the path.
How do I get it to reload my profile without logging out/in?
20 years ago
With 8.1 I think you only need the wlclient.jar in your client apps classpath.
Its located in <bea home>/weblogic81/server/lib
20 years ago
Explain what is Document Routing and where it is used?.
20 years ago