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since Feb 01, 2003
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Recent posts by Esem Tax

on the server-side I want to print out a message whenever a remote exception is being thrown. However, I dont' know where I can intercept that, because as far as I know, remote exceptions are thrown in the auto-generated code.
Any ideas on how i can hook into that exception?
I have the same basic structure.
But by the way, for my menu help item, i put that all in the View, i mean the handling of the selection of the menu item and the launching of the help dialog.
Do you consider this a violation of the abstraction roles? I figured that the Controller only had to worry about controlling anything that had to do with the Model.
[ February 01, 2003: Message edited by: Esem Tax ]
hello friends,
i minimize access rights as much as possible-- ie, most members are package or private. only mandatory public members.
now i've never dealt with javadoc before. and we're only supposed to javadoc publicmembers.
1. should all method comments be in javadoc format, even if they aren't public and won't be javadocified?
2. is it screwed up to minimize use of public, which results in a sparse javadocument collection?
i might have the wrong approach to structuring java to start with, so i will appreciate any enlightenment on these issues.