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Recent posts by Siobhan Murphy

I see that someone posted that their company gives a $5k salary rise to staff who pass each of the Sun certificate examinations. What sort of pay increases do other companies give?
I see that Brian Alexander Lee's company give a $5k salary rise to staff who pass each of the Sun certificate examinations. What sort of pay increases do other companies give?
Thanks Jane, I'll do that.
22 years ago
You must be a very confident man to mention Mughal and Rasmussen's book like that! I bought both books and thought your book was much easier to read than M&R's. It was written in a very nice style. However, I did rely on Mughal and Rasmussen for all the cramming one needs to do for the exam.
RHE's book has the advantages that it also covers the Developer's exam, and one of the lead authors of the exams, is co-author of this book.
The person who claimed they learnt Java, sat and passed the SCJP's exam in 10 days is not completely honest.
If anyone is that clever, they would devote their energy to winning the Nobel Prize in Physics, and not waste 10 days on a programming certification exam. Anyone with such a natural flair for technology and who had formal education, would have been exposed to some form of computer training. It would be difficult to avoid it. I'd like to know what other achievements this person can claim.
I do believe it's possible, but only for people at the level of von Neumann.
Gary, to answer your question, I don't think the Sun questions are taken from Mughal and JQ+, though these two resources are very good for anyone preparing for the certification exam.
22 years ago
Does anyone know which is more diffcult: the SCJD or the SCWCD?
22 years ago
Thanks Leena
I have now looked up Brian Murphy in the internet, and I know a lot more about him.
EJB sounds like a good idea, I think that's what my company would like.
Best wishes
22 years ago
Thanks Leena
I didn't even know there was a cricketer called Brian Murphy! Is he good? So I'm not related obviously.
The first 7 questions were on threads, imagine the fright that gave me! I got about 2 or 3 on Inner classes, and I must've got 5 on io (because I got 60%). The questions were fairly difficult, but very clearly written.
Best wishes
I don't know what I'll do next, any ideas? I suppose the Developers exam is the next logical step.
22 years ago
I never thought this day would come, when I could post to this site to declare to the world that I passed SCJP2.
I relied on Mughal and Rasmussen's book, almost exclusively. It is available from Amazon at

Then, for the last 6 weeks I have relied on JQ+ for revision and mock exams. I would recommend it highly. It is carefully planned and prepared. It is available from

It has the advantage that one of it's authors, Paul Anil, visits this site frequently and answers questions
I also did Marcus's exams, which are very good, and have the advantage of being free. Marcus also visits this site, and I found him very prompt about replying to questions and keeping in touch. Thanks Marcus for all your help, it's much appreciated.
Finally I visited this excellent site every day where I met like minded people, and got a lot of encouragement.
22 years ago
Best of luck Mark.
I have been watching your post with interest, as I thought I was about the same level as you. I have just completed the exam, and attained 77%. JQ+ was a great help.
I suppose it doesn't make sense to make a constructor static, as it is already essentially belonging to the class.
Below is a sample of code which uses an instance to access a static method.

I hope this example will give you some help.
Thanks for the response Marcus.
When I was doing the exam I thought the question was:
"Is it true that an object becomes eligible for garbage collection when all references denoting it are set to null, and this is the only way. Setting a reference to another object just isn't enough"
When answering it I thought: Not true, there are other ways of making an object eligible for gc, e.g. setting any references to it, to other objects.
Incidently, thanks for your 3 sets of exams. I found them very helpful, and I learnt a lot from them.
Yes, I would like some clarification on this too.
Mughul and Rasmussen seem to differentiate between Integral types and Integer types (p29). Integer types are bytes, short, int and long, but Integral types include char as well as the other 4. However, in Marcus's exam 3, q25, he counts char as an integer.
My understanding of 'signed' or 'unsigned' is that the variable may be positive of negative.
Any help appreciated.
Thanks for your response.
For example, say you create 2 objects a and b, where a denotes one object and b denotes another.
After line 3 below, a denotes the same object as b, but there is no reference to the object denoted by a originally. Therefore the object denoted by a is now eligible for garbage collection. Isn't it? The object is no longer accessible. In this example there was no expression setting anything to null.
I'd be glad if someone could clear this up for me, as I thought I understood the concept.
Q49 of Marcus's third exam is as follows:

Which of the following statements are true?
1) The automatic garbage collection of the JVM prevents programs from ever running out of memory
2) A program can suggest that garbage collection be performed but not force it
3) Garbage collection is platform independent
4) An object becomes eligible for garbage collection when all references denoting it are set to null.

The correct answers, according to Marcus are: 2) and 4).
Surely 4) is not a correct answer as an object is eligible for garbage collection when all references to it are set to denote another object, or to null?