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since Feb 03, 2003
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Recent posts by kundi kx

I programmed a Java application that read from data files and update Database through JDBC-ODBC.
Normally it was quite slow, 200 insert/delete takes about 50 seconds. Might have been low resource on my system. But no matter if I close all other application, it still run roughly 50 second, +/- 5 sec.
I didn't close the application and left over-night. Now I run the same 200 insert/delete testing operation set again, 2 seconds! repeatedly 2 second. What is going on?!?!
I think Battist may be right.
Print out the string fetched and decide your action from there.
System.out.println("User_ID = '"+rt.getString("User_ID") +"'");
[ February 19, 2003: Message edited by: kundi kx ]
CHeck and see if your Database server has a SQL console you can use, and try your SQL there.
The second Exception message looks funny. Here is a link of discussion on how new SP fixed a "No More data" Exception.
Hope it can shed some light. Let us know if it helps.
I think your question is close to mine. So if anyone could answer yours, I would get a lot of tips also.
Basically I am looking for set rules, guidelines, or existing lib for writing XML/SOAP parser, which might deal with non-standard SOAP with attachments also.
Sorry that it's not a reply
21 years ago
May be a classpath problem. Make sure the necessary jar is in your classpath.
Tomcat load library classes on start. So if you have your class or jar in common/lib, Tomcat won't reference it until restart.
It may explain your case, but just a shot.
21 years ago
Hi all,

I am looking for some guidelines/rules for building SOAP/ebXML client. More specifically through https, and ebXML with MIME attachment.
I would appreciate advices or links to existing discussions or webpages.
21 years ago
I am not wasting your time for a syntax error correction. I have run out of clues on this problem.
The error comes from within a bean method, when the method is called by a jsp search page within some specific search terms.
The bean method works fine with most of the search terms, displaying a number of matching record. (The search term is parsed to give the matching pattern of an sql - "... name like '<search term>%' ... ".) It works fine in most cases. But when I tried to match a 'G%', it failed and gave me "Invalid Cursor State" error _after_ outputing 5 matching records, halting on the 6th record. I have also tested my bean sql statement with this special 'G%' case within Pervasive SQL Executor with no error.

The above information is how far I get with my investigation. SQLWarning didn't give me anything. I am using Pervasive, through JDBC/ODBC. Also using Tomcat 4.1.18, jdk1.4.
The error is inconsistent in the sense that not all search term causes it. But it is very consistent to give error whenever I search by this G term, and also stop on the 6th record. And that 6th record seemed normal when I looked at it from Pervasive SQL console.

Someone please point at some rocks I could flip to find this bug.