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Recent posts by Hanson Yuan

How do you make sure you are only loading sessionFactory once in a web app? With a singleton, or at server startup time? When do you clean it up? Thanks,
I had the same problem before. There is a tool called RoseGraphic, which converts your diagram to GIF/JPEG. As for the 2nd question, I am not quite sure. Good luck!
Just got the result today, passed with 97. It took only 3 weeks before the result appears in the CertManager. Information in this board is very useful. Good luck to all who are pursuing SCEA.
If anyone has taken part III, can you take anything with you, such as your class diagram, your design note, etc? Thanks for the help.
Anyone using Rose for the assignment? I found several limitations for rose:
1. You can not link to another sequence diagram from one sequence diagram. All you can do is to create a note and drag and drop the other one into note. But that note is stand alone. You can not put a message to it
2. Focus of control. In rose, by default, the focus of control is way longer than necessary, and if you resize it, it doesn't work after you do any minor modifications, such as adding a note, adding a message, moving a note, etc. Am I getting into too details for the assignment?
Anyone knows the workaround? I was told by Rose tech support that they know those are open defections, but no fix soon.
Overall, Rose is very expansive, yet does not provide all the UML functionalities. In general, I think IBM products suck.
Can you kindly show me how to do it in Rose? I just got off the phone with their tech support and the answer is no.
I am using Rational Rose to do the design. However, how do you call/refer to another sequence diagram? For example, prepare itinerary will call price itinerary, etc. Rose said this feature is not supported. So what is the best way besides writing a note? Thanks,
I have another question somewhat related to it. I am all right with the file size. But my diagrams are so big (most of the time horizontally), only half of them can be shown in the browser without scrolling bar while keeping them readable. For main class diagram and most of the sequence diagram, they have to use scroll bar to see the whole picture. My question is, is it going to be an issue for the grader? Anyone who uses Rose and RoseGraphic please share your experience.
I am also using Rose with RoseGraphics. Make sure you export it in a GIF format. It will save you A LOT of space!
Is there a way to save a variable into "page" scope instead of request or session? I want to avoid using session as much as possible. If I put it under request and specify redirect = true, the variable is lost. I want to display a .jsp as a URL instead of .do, so I have to set redirect=true. Then how do I get my variables, if I don't want to use session?
18 years ago
In general, if you have a read-only operation, such as login, search, etc. would you use a DAO class or would you use a local entity bean? Local entity bean is supposed to get rid of all the remote overhead, so is it just as good as a DAO for read-only? Then what is the pros and cons for each? Personally, I believe that a DAO will still have a better performance over entity bean, even local one, without container's overhead with mapping, etc. Is that right?
Hi, Congratulations. What tool did you use for part II? I am using Rational Rose, however, I couldn't find a tool to generate HTML/GIF/JPEG for the diagram. I tried Word, RoseGraph, paint, etc. They can do the job, but the file is too big. I believe the jar file you can upload has to be less than 500k. Please advise. Thanks,