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Recent posts by Manoj Tare


I wanted to programetically (using Java) convert a PDF to XML. i.e., one of my application to which a PDF file is provided as an input and my application needs to convert the same in to some meaningful XML file (or Html).
(please let me know if is possible ?)
Secondly, in my PDF file i have some SuperScripts and SubScripts - does your product support converting the same.
It would be of great help if you can respond to us ASAP as we are in urgent need of it.

My oprating System is : Mac OS X
Also plz advice me .. how to access the Acrobat Adob through Java API.
It would be of great help if you can respond to us ASAP as we are in urgent need of it.
18 years ago
HI ,
I have used following code for display imageIcon on Jbutton.
It throws NullPointerException when i try to run application through
jar file.
JButton butt = new JButton( );
URL url = getClass().getClassLoader().getResource("images/ash.jpg");

ImageIcon imgSearch = new ImageIcon(url);
Excetion :

Uncaught error fetching image:
18 years ago
Hi ,

I have problem with executing jar file .

I have create swing application which is bundled in jar file.
(execuable jar file).
( jar file contains class file , images and manifest file )
For ex. :

My class name ShowImg which display images . (images from images folder)
Toolkit kit = comp.getToolkit();
Image img = kit.createImage("./images/nature.jpg");
using following command i have created jar file.
jar -cvfm test.jar ShowImg.class images\nature.jpg

When i run jar file in same directory where images folder exists it
works fine. But when i copy test.jar file some where else it doesn't
work. It displays only frame not image.

Give some tips ........
thx in advance
18 years ago
I want to find SMTP service running on a Network .
Currently in my application user has to give SMTP server IP address (which is hardcoded).
I want to give facility to detect SMTP server IP address automatically.
Is there any way to find out the same.
Please give some slutn.
in advance thx
18 years ago
Hi ,
pls suggest me suitable framework for me web application
* End user output : Flash Mx
* Server side lang : servlet
* DataBase : oracle 9i
18 years ago
Hi ,
I'm developing web application where i want
convert Html web page(any URL from WWW) to Xml.

Here first i need to download html web page and
then convert html to xml and then it store into database.
Normally we convert Html file to xml but in case of my application i 'm giving only web page URL rest things sould be done by tool itself.

Give me some input on this.
Hi friends ,
I'm developing java image editor.
for that i want to give following funcanalities please tell me wheather it possiable or not.

1) Editor supoorts all Image file extenstions
2) Set image resolution to 72 DPI (dot per inches ) . This funcanality for saving image with 72 DPI. ( This funcanality like "Save for Web" funcanality in PhotoShop ) . It reduces resolution and image size . Generally these images are used to send via email or uploading on web.
3) Add redo and undo funcanalities for enery image editing actions like crop , rotate ,brightness etc.
it is possible in Java or not ?
Give me some code or Java API name so i can implement them in my application.
Thanxs in adcance
18 years ago
Hi friends ,

anyone clear my quries....

1) Java suppots BMP, GIF, PCX, PIC, JPE, PXR, PNG, RAW, TGA extends
2) How to set 72 DPI for image
waiting for ur reply
3) How to use undo- Redo with image .
18 years ago
Hi ,
I 'm developing WYSIWYG ( Editor ) using Java swing applet . I have problem with applet . Normally WYSIWYG editor is made in java script which take suport of iFrame (which is brower based ) . iFrame can convert all data into Html . But in case of swing i couldn't find any class for doing same function. Is there any way to generate Html code automatically .
I'm added JTextPane component on applet and showing all text and images on this .Can we convert JTextPane text and images in Html format.
Appriciating your reponse on this.
18 years ago
Hi friends ,
I have an WYSIWYG applet that save file on local disk. Since I was unable to figure out how to change the policy file on a mac OS X.
I connect through Mac os X (explorer 5.2 for os x) . it dosen't pops up the dialogue box asking for permission to run the signed applet.
However, it show .
It simply shows loading message for applet. then it gives security exception .
It is working fine with windows m/c.
If anyone has any idea of a work around I would appreciate it.
18 years ago
Thanxs man..
It is working .....
18 years ago
Hi Ashish ,
I got solution ,

In my applciation class implements Scrollable interface so its deafult preferedSize .
If i add new one then only it takes old .
after make changes (width and height on panel) in scorble method it works fine.
thanks for do interst in my problem
keep in touch
18 years ago
Hi Ashish ,
I got exactly where the problem is .
But i don't know solution.
The problem is with setPerferredSize(new Dimension(width,height))
Using this method we can set size for component , on my application i'm setting Jpanel size but it doesn't change the original size .
I don't know where exaclty i'm doing mistake.
Following is method called after clikcing zoomIn button .

public void zoomImage(ZoomImage zoom){
BufferedImage newImg = zoom.zoomIn(this.buffImage);
this.buffImage = newImg;
this.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(newImg.getWidth(),newImg.getHeight()));


After this when i check the panel size in paintComponent(Graphics g) method , it should be change . But it's not changing.
18 years ago
Hi frinds,
Yes This is JPanel
I'm adding image in Jpanel and this panel then added to JScrollPane .
Problem is setPerferedSize(width,height)
is applied for panel means panel size not changing
so if image size is bigger than than Jpanel, scrollPane not showing scrollbars .
18 years ago
Both threads are same .
On first one i did some R and D then i got second problem .
so i send second one
that it .
18 years ago