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Recent posts by Jasper Belenzo

Today I passed the 1Z0-897 - ORACLE Certified Expert - Java EE 6 Web Services Developer Exam!
This is my first certification under ORACLE, as my previous Certifications are from SUN:
Sun Certified Java Programmer 1.4
Sun Certified Business Component Developer 1.3
Sun Certified Web Component Developer 1.4

The materials I used in preparation for the 1Z0-897 exam are:
- Martin Kalin's Book, Java Web Services: Up And Running
- Ivan Krizsan's Study Notes
- Mikalai Zaikin's Study Materials
- Frits Walraven's Enthuware JWS+ V6

Since this is my first certification under ORACLE, I wonder if will there still be a Card and Pin/Badge sent to me along with the Printed Certificate like SUN used to do?
I also would like to thank Bear Bibeault for helping me recover my JavaRanch account. I think this is my first post here in JavaRanch/CodeRanch.

To those who will also take the exam... I wish you all goodluck!
From the Philippines
- Jasper

5 years ago