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Recent posts by Devang B patel

I am using XML applications.
I am using Xalan parser for Xml file transformation.
job1 : Create XML document dynamically with data from
job2 : Transform generated XML file with xsl to get
HTML file output.
job 1 is working fine with jaxp parser
job 2 is working fine with xalan parser
I am creating xml file dynamically by fetching data
from database.
When I am using Xalan parser class path setting I am
not able to generate XML document
But by adding jaxp parser in the classpath I am able
to generete the document. But now if I am tring to
transform it I am getting the runtime exception that
"Namespace not supported by the parser".
How can I get both of the functions working properly
with either of the parser.
Thanx in Advance,
Hello Friends!
I am Java programmer. I have also gone through JAXP.
But could u please tell why we need xml in real life.
The works we can do with xml the same thing we can do without xml.Can u tell me some points regarding it?
Hello Friends!
Can anyone tell me where weblogic server can be used?
I mean is it same as javawebserver or jrun?
Is it tough or easy? How much time will it take to learn to familiar with it?
Thanx in Advance.
23 years ago
Hello Friends!
Could u please tell me whether Tomcat(Apache) can work on windows-98 or not?
Thanks in Advance...
23 years ago
Hello Raj kumar & Shailesh!!!
Thanks for reply...
I understood what u want to say... I really appreciate ur suggestion. I think I will be comfortable with servlets after finishing online shopping mall project which I am doing rightnow with my friends... I want to ask u one more question. Is it possible to use servlets & JSP both in my project. If yes then where I can use servlet & where can I use JSP... I know ASP very well so I think to learn JSP It willnot take long time... I know some fundamental of JSP also... So could U please reply me....
Thank again... for ur proper reply...
23 years ago
Hello Friends!!!
I have just started Servlet before 20 days. I have read some introduction part of JSP also. But I want to ask u one question that Should I spend much time on Servlet or after some work in servlet I should start learing JSP... Because as I heard JSP is very easy and much used in Markt... So could U please focus on it! I will thankful if u will give me proper reply...
23 years ago