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Recent posts by Monisha Talwar

Wow !! Awesome score!! And great advice!!
20 years ago
Ah Kathy! Thanks for solving the mystery...although now I know I got the answer wrong in the exam
Kathy, you are right I did not read the assumptions and instructions in the beginning very clearly...I was concerned about loosing time because the count down had already started - but there goes - I lost a question! Ah never mind, I was happy with my score anyway
You guys going for the exam - REMEMBER THE ASSUMPTION!!
I would also like to add that at the beginning of the exam - you have to take a Sun survey of 15 questions - the clock has already started as far as I was concered I just wanted to get over with it, and start the exam. I feel if this survey was at the end - after the 2 hours...and was compulsory - one would atually read, analyze and answer correctly...just my opinion...The survey result would probably more accurate and useful for Sun too.
Cool!! Well Done...CONGRATS!!
20 years ago
By the way the questiong just asked "what will happen if you run the code below..."
I took the exam on April 16th....rather late to ask a question, but this has been lurking on the back of my mind since that day!
I had a question on the exam about assertions....Moderators/Sherrifs/Bartenders - Don't freak out, I am not giving out the question
Anyway...I was given a snippet of code and I had to basically pick from options like :
a. "compiles and runs with so and so out put"
b. "compilation fails"
c. "runtime fails"
d. etc.
Anyway...the question did not say anything about how the code was compiled or run. I mean it did not say that we specifically compiled it with the -source1.4 flag. Nor did it say we enabled assertions.
I was a little confused how to approach this question. There seemed to be no compilation errors in the code. I also did not think there would be runtime errors. I was confused if I should have pick the option which would have the output as if assertions were enabled. Or should I have picked the option as if they were disabled.
I finally convinced my self to pick the answer which would have output the result as if assertions were disabled...cause they are disabled by default and if they did not specify in the question that they were enabled, I was just going to assume they were disabled. I have no idea if I was right or wrong. :roll:
I would really like to know....Plus it would help others who may be taking the exam soon.What should one assume on such a question in the exam?
Hey there,
Not that I want to discourage you from buying JQ+, but I did not buy it. Instead I took several mock exams available over the internet. Many mock exams do have errors/typos so you'll have to bear with them. You can find a list of mocks at
My strong recommendation is to do Marcus Greens 3 mocks and all of Dan's topic mocks.
Hope that helps. Wish you all the best.
Hmmm....I think the second method is more efficient than the first. The one with the ^5 is more efficient cauze it returns a different result for different nos. But the method which always return 42 is not a really efficient hashcode method.
My 2 cents
I plan to prepare for the Web Component Exam. I am sure this book would be very helpful for the preparation. :roll:
20 years ago
A final varible cannot be changed once it has been assigned a value. That is not true with a non-final local variable. So a local variable is not implicitly final.
You are right - The questions should be more like,
What can an inner class extend...
I guess the the answer could be:
Any class or interface.
You are right, an inner class does not have to extend anything.
If you are not using the variable at all, I think it is ok to leave it un-assigned. Even if there was no "Final" modifier, it would work the same.
Once you want to use the variable - say in a print statement...only then it looks if the variable has been assigned a value.
Basically you can have many local variable hanging around, unassigned, as long as you don't use them. But if you want to use them, you gotta give them a value before that.
Congrat Suman!!
20 years ago