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Don't worry about servlets or ejb... Go to SOLID GOLD and take a lap dance ...
Guess who .... P*****

Originally posted by subodhk:
I'm new to servlets.I was wondering where to put the HTML files(e.g a HTML form)& the servlets.Then, lets say I have a submit button on the form.Now what happens when the "submit" button is pressed?Will the servlet be invoked?Also how do I relate the HTML form with the servlet?I mean how the pressing of the submit button will invoke the correct servlet?Is there any naming registry(like RMI) which takes place behind the scene.Do the HTML file and the servlet be named alike?

21 years ago
Hi Archana,
Some Suggestions..
a) Since you have passed SCJP, you should be able to get a good Java Project or position in India. But you should be willing to relocate. I don't know which part of india you are in. But getting a job in java is easy if you are able to relocate. If I were in your position I would start with companies which send to USA or UK quickly...
a) IIS Infotech from New Delhi
b) BirlaSoft from Noida, New Delhi
b) DSQ from Madras,
c) CBSI from Madras.
d) Lot of other companies from Bangalore.
If you know any person working in these companies...pass on your resume to HR thru that person...Employee Referral has got some value..
I would suggest not to get into C++ or VB or PowerBuilder like that.. get into Java...and try to get Project Experience you should try to do both (certification and work ) at same time...
If you still need any specifice company info..give me u r email..i will email u

Good Luck...
21 years ago
21 years ago
Here is my code:
A simple.JSP contains two links l1 and l2 calling S1 and S2 resp.
l1 is calling s1 like
<a href="S1?PAGE=o.jsp>Enter new..yada..yada
In Servlet s1 acts as dispatcher. It uses
if req.getParameter(Page).equals("o.jsp")
o.jsp is a form and I submit it. I use a hidden field to tell which page is calling servlet S1. But when I submit o.jsp, still i see the PAGE PARAMERTER IN QUERYSTRING...so servlet is thinking request is coming from simple.jsp and not from o.jsp.
Question: when i call jsp from servlet, I need to refresh querystring. I don't want querystring from previous JSP to be present...
21 years ago
Learn Servlets first. JSP is a Servlet!!. If you know Servlets, Session Management and some important methods in Servlet API, then u can move to JSP. At that time JSP would be easy to learn.
21 years ago
It should be :
<br><a href="store.jsp?prodid=<%=data1%>&manid=<%=data2%>">link here</a>
21 years ago