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Recent posts by Sandy L

Observe the following code
public class Base extends Thread{

public static void main(String []args){

Base b1 = new Base();
Base b2 = new Base();

public synchronized void run(){
for(int i=0;i<1000;i++);
// This was run on Win 95
// The output at times is mixed i.e. The synchronization is not allowing a single thread to run until it finishes its work and then the next thread to up the run method.
Is it due to the OS
You can get a voucher at RIT in Malleshwaram in Bangalore
(near 18th cross. )Dont try at other places listed in the prometric site since the site seems not tohave been updated
All the Best
It helps in preventing the instantiation of a class
This is a good way of preventing instances from being created than declaring the class as abstract
Dear Friends,
Can you please tell me the fee structur for
the exam in India. Also, please give me the details
regarding the exam simulator.
Sandy L
Dear Friends,
I am supposed to take the exam shortly.
These are my scores in the mockexams I have taken
I want to know if I am ready and where do I stand
Marcus #1:69%
Marcus #2:70%
Marcus #3:70%
RHE : 65%
Hunt : 60%( First mock exam I took)
I found Bill Brodgen's online exam tough
Thanks in advance
Sandy L
We call goto as reserved since they are reserved for future use and may not be used as identifiers by user.
I think its the reverse Jonathan
Please send me your notes to mail address
Thanks for the help
23 years ago
This is my new registration. I am called sandy
by my friends and I very much prefer it.
Thanks Ajit