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Recent posts by Chandra Vadlamani

3 days! sounds very aggressive to me
This is in louisville, when i was writing my test all the machines shut down! the lady at the center went so far as blaming me that may be i hit the wires that were a mile away from legs. Luckily the test started at where i left of but i did not verify if the questions i answered were taken care of!!! the shut down happened twice!

I hope prometric and sun are listening.
I don't think you are allowed to throw an exception unless it is checked (there is no client so who are we expecting to catch?)

If it is runtime in which case you don't handle it. Since a system exception causes bean to discarded. So i am not sure D is right...

In HFEJB, the following is mentioned on page 508 that

Session beans using BMT must not implement SessionSynnchronization

on page 513

Stateless session beans can't implement SessionSsynchronization because only stateful session beans can implement sessionsynchronization, because stateless session beans arent allowed to maintain a transaction once a method has ended.

My questions under CMT

how does it matter if a bean is stateless or stateful, DD is the one which governs the scope and the smallest scope is method level.

Any clarifications will be appreciated.

Hi Bert,

Is the www (wickedly smart website perhaps!) a bad idea for posting the electronic version of the book, granted it might affect the sales! I love to have the electronic version of the chapters which was a lot help with SCJP 1.4 when i had to read while i was at my office or while traveling.

I am buying the book no questions but would also love to have the electronic version as well if possible! I love your books so much can't complain about any thing PERIOD.

The following is what is written in the book can some one throw in their expertise.

The context is method call from CMT bean to BMT bean method

"When a transaction is suspended, it waits until it can pick where it left off. But this means that the things that happen while the transaction is suspended are NOT part of the same atomic unit. In other words, the things that happen while the transaction is suspended won't be rolled back if the suspended transaction (after it comes back to life) fails to commit"

?1) When a transaction is suspended what can be going on ?? which will not be part of "atomic unit" ... i mean is in't blocked.... waiting.... no action

I just wonder if Sun/IBM can come with exams as fast as you take them. All the best and i have decided not to ask you what is next :-)

Gr8 Job. Keep it going that way. Obviously you are around to answer questions for noobees like us
19 years ago
Its been a dead link for a while!

Can you share the preping experiance..
19 years ago

Pearls of wisdom please!!
19 years ago

Can you share your experiance in terms of preparation.
19 years ago
Over riding is not applicable to member variables unless they are methods. Members which are either references to primitives or objects are being shadowed and in order to access I1 related members you have to do I1.member and same with I2. With methods it is a different story. Both at run time and compile time reference is the one that decides which variable will be used.

Hope that clears some confusion.
Both the method calls are same in every sense except that System.gc is a more convinient way of calling garbage collector.
The link does not seem to be working --

throws page not found page! Any pointers.

[Val: fixed the link ]
[ July 21, 2004: Message edited by: Valentin Crettaz ]