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Randall Twede

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Recent posts by Randall Twede

well i've been to hawaii, similar climate. we have hurricanes here in texas so no biggie. its a no-brainer for me. apartment in san juan or tent in austin.
2 weeks ago
well im half fluent in spanish. i have good books and am working on it. from what i heard only 5% speak english.
im too old for hot Latinas
2 weeks ago
i don't follow you campbell
2 weeks ago
its gonna be an adventure for sure. first thing i have to do is get an apartment and furnish it probably. i 'm pretty sure i will like the food there.
2 weeks ago
well, its just a local radio station
2 weeks ago
true,, but you can also write in scala so its basically java as well.
2 weeks ago
im going there for next winter and most likely to stay. would be nice if i knew someone there who habla engleis.
2 weeks ago
a radio station i listen to says they have 10 TB of music. how many songs do you think that is? i have no clue.
2 weeks ago
it shouldn't be a problem. you can pass almost anything.
1 year ago
Cobol was the worst programming language in my opinion.
1 year ago
i don't get it
1 year ago
it reminds me of this last winter. my tent looked like that for a while. totally covered in ice.
1 year ago
going from fraction to decimal is easy, you just divide. to go from decimal to fraction is a bit harder.
the algorithm i came up with for that is you multiply and if the result is an integer, that is the numerator and what you were dividing by is the denominator.
you loop through integers to find the denominator.
for example 1/4 = .25
you multiply .25 X 2 = .5 = no
.25 X 3 = .75 = no
.25 X 4 = 1 = yes
so .25 = 1/4
this works except for repeating numbers like .333333333333333333333
is there a way to make my algorithm work?
2 years ago